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Youtube customized channel for Ra.One

Ra.One Movie is doing a wonderful animation promotion on the Ra.One Youtube channel. The channel on YouTube offers a one-stop destination for all promotional video content and special extras for Ra.One. The Ra.One movie channel is the first customised channel of its kind to be released in India for a Bollywood movie on YouTube in India. Internationally, YouTube has worked with several Hollywood productions to create customised viral campaigns which became an instant worldwide hit thereafter.

The best thing about the custom channel is visitors do not know it is an animation, rather they believe it is the actual Youtube web page that has gone interactive. So people watch the full animation and only later do they know that the actual Youtube web page is below and you need to scroll down. Several including me miss the “Skip Animation” link that seems after a while on the top right of the animation, that can fast forward you to the finish of the animation, however shows you a promo video of the Ra One Music trailer.

Watch it for yourself

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  1. Oh yes, really innovative animation. I haven’t seen of this kind before on youtube. Thanks for using the time and effort to share something so interesting.