In our daily routine we need to do different tasks throughout the day at home and work. This is very important that we remain productive which is directly related to the energy we put to our work. So to remain energetic should be our priority. Different people lack energy due to various reasons. As we all know the energy is our capacity to do work, thus being energetic is also the way to become happier and contented. We start feeling better about ourselves. Let’s check different areas which need to be acknowledged in order to stay energetic right from the morning.

Determination & Right Start

To remain energetic whole day you have to be determined to be. For that you need to put some efforts consciously. You need to Wake up early. And to get up at around 5 to 6 AM is recommended to enhance a day and hence life. To start a day with good mood and ease is very important. It will help you to be energetic whole day.

Exercise Regularly

Even a quick 10 minutes brisk walk can enhance your energy and boost up mood. It will be excellent if one can get time for some exercise or workout. According to your willpower, you have to manage to get time for some yoga or meditation or chant whatever method works for you. This will help to bring mental balance which avoid energy drainage and improves your physical/mental efficiency.

Do Not Skip Your Breakfast

Make it sure that you have breakfast every day even if you are not hungry. This will help you feel better physically and mentally than those who skip their breakfast. This will also help you to lower down the stress level. After breakfast eat something every three to four hours in the whole day. This routine will keep your blood- sugar & energy levels steady all day long.

Eat Balanced Diet

Our body requires all type of nutrition every day. Its very important to take a balanced diet every day. When feeling low on energy you can have a healthy snack for energy like fruits (an apple or a banana or an orange etc) , a brown bread sandwich, or a handful of baby carrots. Energy drinks or nutrition bars easily available in market are convenient, but be sure to read the label as they can be high in calories.

Drink Plenty of Water

To stay fresh and active for your whole day the most important mantra is to drink plenty of water in regular intervals. If you are fond of beverages, add extra two glasses of water per cup to your intake. Water hydrates us, especially our brain and it prevents us in lacking energy thus increasing our creativity and productivity. As per institute of Medicine an adequate intake for average, healthy male adult living in a temperate climate is about 3 liters a day and for females it is 2.2 liters. It’s a good idea to make a daily target to drink predetermined quantity of water throughout your day.

Schedule Your Accomplishments With Small Breaks

Sense of accomplishment gives us a boost. We feel so energetic and happy. Accomplishing any irritating task can provides a huge boost. Chatting with friends in small breaks is always an excellent idea to feel much more energetic. If you need a boost, talk to your friends by meeting them personally or by calling them on phone. If possible taking a 10-30 minute power nap on day time, it can be a big help to maintain energy level till end of the day.

Avoid Overeating

It’s not easy but one has to be extra conscious to avoid extra intake of calories or fats at the time of feeling low. We should be cautious to deal with the urge to treat own self when feeling low.

Craft Ideal Work Space

Create your work space which feels sounds and smells excellent. Your work space should be such where you feel like to be forever. It should be neat, clean, decorated with your personalize things. You can also have some motivating pictures/poster etc. You can keep changing settings of things on your work place. The same rule can be applied to our living area as well.

Take Good Care of Emotional impact on Energy

It is very good that we surround ourselves with positive people but more important is to avoid negative people who suck your time and energy. Whenever you get a chance listen to your favorite music. By acting energetically and with passion you’ll experience more energy.

Walk Outdoors & Take Deep Breath

Deep breathing is very helpful, relaxing and energy provider at the time you feel low. It helps in relieving headaches, stopping racing thoughts, enhance energy and provide peace. Outdoor walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes twice a day is essential mantra to maintain energy.

Maintain Proper Routine to Eat and Sleep

One should eat at least before two hour before going to bed. While sleeping avoid any kind of sounds and lights in your bedroom. It is important to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. This is not at all easy. One has to make conscious effort to maintain this regularity.


One has to work consciously to enjoy being energetic the whole day. Start enjoying your work, pay attention to short term goals, drink a lot of water, exercise or walk every day, pray and meditate, take rest properly, live in present, take proper food and do the things which you love to do and follow your passion. Say no to which you really don’t want to do. You’ll actually feel energetic to do things which you really want to. Being energetic or lacking energy is infectious. When energetic, we make people around feel energetic & cheerful and vice versa.