Millions of people are building their business sites on WordPress, and WP-specific web designers, developers, and coders is growing to meet their needs. They are choosing to build their business around it, trusting it to continue as a solid web publishing platform into the future. It is becoming a vocation not just a publishing platform.
According to Google Trends, WP is the fastest growing web publishing platform worldwide.

Do you know

  1. There are about 25% of the estimated percentage of all websites that run on WP as of 2011.
  2. 14.7% of the top million websites worldwide representing small, medium and big business that run on it.
  3. 72.4 million websites that host thir blogs (including both .com and self-hosted).
  4. There are 22% of active domains created in the USA that run on it.
  5. 98 number of version releases since its inception.
  6. 13,047,576 The number of times that its 3.3 has been downloaded. Check current download count..
  7. It took 2 days time for version 3.3 to reach 1 million downloads after its launch.
  8. It has been downloaded 65 million times since the release of version 3 in June 2010.
  9. The estimated number of sites that run on WP.com’s single installation of its MultiSite is 32 million.
  10. The number of theme switches on .com sites every week is 225,000.
  11. There are about 352 million of people who view over 2.5 million pages on WordPress.com every month.
  12. 500,000 new posts that are published every day.
  13. The number of different language sites are published on it are 120.
  14. There are 90,000 developers listed on freelancer.com alone.
  15. The median hourly rate of a project is $50, and the average salary for its “job” is $45,000.

Source: Lorelle