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WordPress strikes with 3.0 Beta

In June 2008 WP released its 2.8 version Now the first beta of WordPress 3.0 has been released. Jane Wells, from Automattic, laid out some of the many new features that are featured in version 3.0 beta of the popular blogging software.

There are other changes to the UI and interface, including the addition of a new default theme (Twenty Ten) and custom post type functionality improvements.

As per WP official blog this is an early beta. This means there are a few things we’re still finishing. We wanted to get people testing it this weekend, so we’re releasing it now rather than waiting another week until everything is finalized and polished. There’s a ton of stuff going on in 3.0, so this time we’re giving you a list of things to check out, so that we can make sure people are testing all the things that need it.

Announcement of this release though is the merger of WordPress and WordPress MU (multi-user), a fork of WordPress that allows multiple blogs to be operated from one installation. In WordPress 3.0, these two are fully merged, although you should probably read the instructions before taking this feature out for a test drive.

You can download the update and take it for a test drive for yourself. If you do, let us know what you think of the newest build of WordPress in the comments.

Great news for WordPress fans!

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