Nature and strength are two elements which regulate the world for wiser life decisions. It mesmerizes me so often for the mystifying part – What is the strength of nature? – and – What is the nature of strength?

Wiser Life Decisions

There are no steps in your minimalist guide to take wise life decisions, rather few questions to ponder upon?

Who is regulating the show?

Finite beings, living by finite causes, think that the infinite can’t exist without a cause. Because a person asks, “Who made me and all?” he also wonders, “Who made this nature?”

Close your eyes and picture the earth as a small ball in the sky. Then by visualization make the earth as big as the whole sky. Then make the expanded mental image of the earth as big as eternity far, far beyond the most distant planets; you will still see space and ever eternity ever extending beyond that mentally enlarged spherical finite image of earth.

It will become evident to you that the biggest finite sphere that can be imagined is not as bid as an eternity that has no end. All finite things have limits; but eternity the home of God has no boundary. The God dreams cosmic nature. A dream has a threefold aspect: the dreamer, his perception and the dream objects made up of dream elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether.

What is basic nature of universe?

The ancient philosophies spoke loosely of nature as matter. The modern science thinks of matter as coordinated forces. They describe all mineral, plant and animal substances are made up of elements listed in Periodic Table*. These are further explained as nothing more than permutations and combinations of different subatomic particles (or electronic configuration) otherwise wave energies.

The cosmic dream universe is run by the intelligent cosmic spirit – pure nature. The whole physical universe is a true to sight, true to hearing, true to smell, true to taste and true to touch, coloured, motion picture, created and sustained by physical, mental and intelligent beam of Cosmic Dream entity. The latter is a reflection of supreme intelligence in creation which in turn is a reflection of Father beyond creation.

After understanding the dream nature of universe, one should learn the dream nature of the human body. The body exists in a sphere of dream ether. We are able to see the little body as it is operated by the soul, by the discriminative intelligence and by the physical ego.

What is beyond infinite?

In a stanza from Shrimad Bhagvat Gita* Lord talks to Arjuna, “All finite beings live in God, but the infinite God lives in nothing else beyond him. All dreams exist in the consciousness of the dreamer, but his consciousness exists beyond all his dreams.” All finite objects produce the illusion of something beyond them.

Mortals always asked this question from centuries,” What is beyond infinite?”. The answer is nothing. One who is able to connect to the vastness of universe and perceives the body and its vibrating elements as a miniature dream of God’s consciousness, even as he perceives all matter, all lights, the subtlest cosmic energy in beings, and the high consciousness to be dream manifestations of mind.

Take Away to Derive

The inference to derive is when you are stuck in a dillema and unable to decide. Just try to comprehend the infinity of the universe and simply expand your thought process on to the vast canvas of infinite universe. You will feel a warmth and support of some metaphysical power to decide. It will equip you with enough wisdom so that you can decide accordingly and will also take the whole responsibility of whatever way you choose.

*Periodic table is a list of all known elements (atoms) ordered along horizontal rows according to atomic number (the number of electrons in an atom and also the charge on its nucleus).

*Shrimad Bhagvat Gita is the ancient Indian epic which is containing discourse of Lord Krishna with warrior Arjuna.