December winter solstice was the perfect time here at my part of world for the first snow fall. It marks the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and is a cause of celebration in pagan tradition.

Winter SolsticeSnowfall Makes Everything Amazing

Yes snowfall makes everything amazing around but on the same time it has some demerrits too. I am an avid lover of winter season. But every winter I realize a constant decline in my productivity and reading – writing trends along with the room temperature. I keep on fighting with this strugggle particularly in early mornings.

WintersWinters 2013

WintersFirst View of the Morning

WintersNeighbouhood - Getting White

Hacks to Stay Productive in Winters

The days are shorter, darker, and colder winter’s in full swing. Feeling less active, and level of productivity in the office may decline. Am I experiencing the “winter blues. This is the time of year when you hit back to retrospect. This is the perfect time to make New Year’s resolutions.

For me it has been a great time for me as I’ve walked through and overcome some significant challenges that have changed direction my life quite literally. Like every year I experimented with some new home office setting arrangements which I call hacks for increased efficiency in work flow. Some good projects are converted and working in a team is a time to relish and celebrate.

WintersWinters Celebration

WintersWinter Arrangements