‘One picture is worth a thousand words’ is a popular phrase, but just imagine… what would a video’s worth be? While it might seem like a mere rhetorical frippery, some tech aficionados indicate that an average video is worth 1.8 million words per minute. This almost seems too good to be true.

Why is it high time for you to include video in your marketing strategy?

Here are some facts:

According to YouTube, video consumption on mobile increases by a 100% each year and about 1200% more videos are shared on social media than on texts and graphics. However, the digital marketing industry has been catapulted to significant growth, all thanks to video marketing going up these days.

With high-resolution videos and unique, creative content, customers can feel the vibe you’re sending. High-definition videos packed with zesty content give your brand the ability to exist inside of popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TubeMogul, and many more.

Basics of Engaging Your Customers with Video Marketing

If you’re a marketer who wants to reach out to you target audience, you first need to learn the basics of engaging your customers with effective video marketing.

Here are a few tips on getting started:

Produce thumb stopping content

Introducing a clever concept for your video will grab the attention of your customers in no time. You can create videos about tips, tricks, hacks, product overviews, demos, customer reviews, testimonials, behind-the-scene stories.

About the product release or company events, how to’s, shout outs, product promotion, discounts and so on. The sky is the limit and there is no concept or emotion that cannot be brought to life within a video.

Put your customers’ interest forward

If you want serious attention and engagement of your customers, use their interests to project your own idea. You can do this by exploring what your audience says and prefers. Use social listening to get to the pulse of your customer and create a video about what you hear.

You can also ask your audience for product reviews, product recommendations, and even create open ended question campaigns such as “What do you like best about our organization?”. Their input is crucial to engaging customers on a wider level.

Focus on quality, not quantity

No matter how perfect your product or brand is, you’re not going to sell it effectively unless you strategize the structure of your plan. You must maintain a tone of consistency with a planned format and create captivating footage that appeals to your audience.

Keep it simple and real; customers prefer quality over quantity. If produced live footage is not in the cards, focus on concepts that can be compiled into a video with minimal efforts.

Videos fundamentally can bring your products and services to life through human emotion. They can help you to establish brand identity and influence purchase decisions. They can also serve as a pillar in developing brand clout, and help you to create a long-lasting impact that will cultivate fellowship and increase ROI. Inside of social media marketing, videos are also the centerpiece to success.

Develop trust

You can also create customer support videos, which aid customers in their shopping experience by increasing trust with your brand. This way, you will also elevate your conversion rates as well.

Apart from being pleasurable and appealing, videos can present a graphic story, which results in an expressive and long-term impact on your customers. You will further strengthen your brand existence inside of your customer’s mindset.

Final Thoughts

From the elaborate agency produced content all the way down to the compiled product reviews, there are many ways to bring your content to life within video marketing.

No matter which strategy works best for you, you can measure your success by tracking the number of viewed videos, the amount of audience interaction and engagement, increased seo results, and a higher conversion rate.

The key to success is consistency. Be consistent in your brand image, voice, and tone. Be consistent in your video marketing efforts and rate of publishing. This level of commitment and consistency will establish the foundation for your brand to achieve success within video marketing.

Author Bio:   Justin Baynton is a digital marketing thought leader & industry innovator. He has successfully led digital strategy and implementation for many large enterprise organizations. He is a board member for AXO Digital and is writing this on their behalf. It is an internet marketing company with deep experience in all digital marketing services.