If there are two words that you’re probably seeing quite a bit these days on blogs, they are “Follow Us”. To understand the psyche of your visitors and making them follow you is really part of your social media skill.

Here are some elements worth considering.

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Do you really need to be omnipresent?

Just about every one of these social media plug-ins will come with the option to include a link to your profile on a huge number of different sites. Almost all of them will include, at the very least, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr and the other giants. Don’t let this make you panic. You don’t have to go out and create a profile on every single one of the social media sites. In fact, if one of the social media sites is really completely useless to you, you’re better off putting more effort into a profile on a site that really does your business some good.

What you exactly want to get followed?

You have to understand the basic difference between celeb blogging and business blogging. People follow celebs to peep into their personal life they tend to use their social media sites as a sort of public diary. If you aren’t a celeb and the primary purpose of your blog is business, this is something you want to avoid, for pretty obvious reasons. The people who constitute your customer base don’t really want to know about your personal problems. If you plan on having a social media profile for your business, make a social media profile for your business and leave your personal life out of it. This is perfectly acceptable and, when you think about it, some of your readers will probably appreciate that they don’t have to hear about every personal aspect of your life.

Analyzing website heat map

Even though there are so many plug-ins available that put social media icons on your sidebar, make sure you also have icons in your blog posts. These typically appear at the bottom of the blog post. It’s a better idea to put them there than at the top. People don’t know whether or not your article is worth sharing until they read it, so it makes more sense to put an option to share your article at the bottom of the post. Between having social media icons on your sidebar and at the bottom of your blog posts, you should see some increase in social media related activity to your blog.

There are several different plug-ins that allow you to integrate your blogs with your social media profiles. The thing to remember about these plug-ins is that you can actually get them included with some themes and not have to install them yourself.

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