As per me the Blogging is most innovative & informative feast and writing is creative, let me first of all share that I am not a writer instead a mediocre reader. Now why should I tell anyone to handle any problem or issue in some particular fashion? My Blog is my take on the respective issues. This is just like compiling Mind Food along with this it is a platform to compile technical tips.

I wish at least to give an attempt to handle issues this ways. The complied practices are my endeavour to attain perfection. Altogether, somewhere if this practice can assist anyone I do not have any problem. One of my fantasies is to create a complete volume of self help techniques for myself.

Thanks to the era in which I am writing all this stuff Online. Blogging has given me a wonderful experience to find out a different dimension with in me and I am grateful for it.

While I am never sure of who reads and why. I believe that my writing is successful because it gives people the opportunity to read and I can refer to all my posts whenever I have time, some times I really wonder the power of archiving they make every post so easy to access.

I like blogging because there is lot of freedom of expression and reach. Furthermore you do not have to sell your ideas to anyone. I write because I firmly believe or want to believe in it. Though, I believe that I can write on a variety of subjects. I have crystal clear objective. I want to make a difference in people’s lives and I feel that blogging could help me there. I know it seems too huge ambition but quantity is not everything. Even if an article of mine helps one individual in a small way I feel happy.

If you find any content of the Blog distasteful, it’s solely a problem of dimension may be any one or both of us are not aware of the realistic angle. But of course we can be benefited out of it by appending it into the remarks section. I feel delighted from reading a comment. Even if it is just one comment, it adds an opinion to my article, makes me see things from a different point of view. It helps me grow as a person. This is something I never got while doing any thing else.