For about 90 million everyday Google+ members, Guy Kawasaki author of 10 books has written one more useful ebook, What the Plus!: Google+ for the Rest of Us. He has written that What the Plus! partly to draw attention to the value Google+ provides anyone who wants to build a brand in the social era, and he wants you to “derive as much joy and value from Google+.

Along with The NY Time, Robert Scoble, and countless others I strongly recommend that you read the book and test everything Guy says. Here’s the table of contents which provides step-by-step instructions what you can read about in the book:

Ch# 1: Why I Love Google+

Ch# 2: How to Get Started

Ch# 3: How to Master Circles and Streams

Ch# 4: How to Make an Enchanting Profile

Ch# 4+: How to Achieve Trustworthiness

Ch# 5: How to Comment

Ch# 6: How to Share Posts

Ch# 6+: How to Optimize for Social Search

Ch# 7: How to Share Photos

Ch# 8: How to Respond to Comments

Ch# 9: How to Hang Out

Ch# 10: How to Get More Followers

Ch# 10+: How to Be a Little Fish in a Big Pond

Ch# 11: How to Deal with Bozos

Ch# 11+: How to Thrive in the All-Boys’ Club

Ch# 12: How to Avoid Cluelessness

Ch# 13: How to Get Google+ Help

Ch# 14: How to Master Google+

You can get a copy of this ebook here for $2.99.

This blog post is not a book review