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What is your Revolution?

Few years back when I started this blog I kept on thinking about variety of topics to discuss but without much ado I got attracted and settled on certain writings which converged to make my own life better.

What is your Revolution

My idea still remains to make this world a better place to live, for this we require good people around us. And if I have to convert someone from bad to good, the first target will be me – myself. So instead of doing something grand or great I thought off devoting little time of my day to improvise myself by compiling thoughts for living best skilled, be it technology, morals or productivity hacks & I call this time of transformation as ‘the revolution hour’.

Initially my mind was full of doubts and fears, why the hell people will read me and moreover who has authorised me to say all this. Later on some wisdom popped in and I realised that my negative side was trying to stop me and I used this realisation as a springboard.

To attain your goal you have to pay some price, with every good thing there are some mandatory things which you don’t like, if you want to be fit and on the same time if you don’t want to go for the exercise – it is simply not posssible.

I am making my living by executing a different job altogether but I try stealing time energy and effort from my schedule, family and work to pursue my passion. It brings me fulfillment if i am able to help a single person to become better.

I can safely see it as my calling at least for the current phase of life. For this I keep on paying the price and it is not one way on the same time I do relish my attainments from this exercise.

Now this is not going to be a lengthy post today and I would like to make it a discussion post. I humbly throw my question to you.

Have you awakened to the mission of your life?

If yes, what is your revolution? 

and what pains you are taking for it?

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  1. Its really great to know about your mission of life. I haven’t found it as yet but you know now after reading this I have a strong desire to find my mission of life. God bess and keep the good work πŸ™‚

  2. I think most of the things experienced in past by you, are same with me too. We all need platforms to share our passion, hobbies, knowledge to realize true contentment. Your Dedication to WRITING really inspires me…:)

    • I am happy to see that you have started to disburse your innovation in various forms, Idea is if we lack the environment we are seeking, let us create it… πŸ™‚ Thank you for your comment, it is precious to me..

  3. I would like to convert all the negativity around me to POSITIVITY and to do this I guess In my prayers I have to include the others too from whom I am getting such negative vibrations…………..

  4. Not sure about a specific revolution or mission but I do want to live a good life which is full of positivity. I would like to fulfil all my responsibilities to my dear ones, society , country and fellow human beings. Now to the point how I am doing it I just make sure to try to Do my job diligently , follow the law of land to the best possible. Finally I really appreciate how you are doing what you really like to do and keep people around you full of energy cheers

  5. I’ve been really trying to find my mission but it seems to keep changing. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a bad thing. I initially thought I was meant to change the world as a teacher of underprivledged students but unfortunately I wasn’t finding the meaningful existence I sought, only stress. Since having my son, I’ve had a change in priorities and it may be a complete cliche but I find joy and meaning in motherhood that I never found in teaching.
    I’m still searching for my mission to say the least.

    • Hi Beth,

      Thanks for being honest about your mission, If it keeps changing, I don’t find it – something to regret upon.

      All of us walk through different phases of life under altogether different set of circumstances. I believe it is a process and during the course of time our mission keeps on improvising which is for good.

      The mission as a mother is greatest of the mission to raise a new generation to its best.

      Thank you once again! πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Rohit,
    It is great reading these words of wisdom. Very inspiring and thoughtful. I can understand the kind of inhibitions that all of us go through, thinking about so many ifs and buts, but the moment something is created it has its own positive impact as nothing in this world is worthless. Your writing also have an impact, I am inspired. More so, I am also acquainted to another Rohit inside the one I never knew!
    Good luck, keep it up.

    • Hey Ish,

      I am swollen with pride as you found some impact in the write ups, All of us know that actually you are our real literary scholar, so I’ll be learning more when you’ll be acquainting more on my writing front.

      BTW You didn’t answered the questions which I have thrown on you in the post πŸ˜‰

        • One can’t afford to do great things daily, but unquestionably one can do good things in ones day to day life and – this is what know as ones own human revolution.

          I feel glad when you believe that quest is on but I am sure you might be engaged in lots of revolutionary things at home as a mother, daughter or wife and as a lecturer in the university.

          Any ways my good wishes and god bless…

  7. I like to think that I have found my mission in life, but I think I would not be truthful to myself.

    Sometimes it takes years before you find out what you want to do with your life. Yet, there are other people who know right from the start what they were meant to do in their life.

    It is interesting how it works out that way. I guess that’s why life is so different for each person, so many variations.

    Very thought provoking Rohit.

  8. Some intense debate is on here…

    Every act I do in my whole day are not less then a revolution, to go for work and to raise three triplet naughtiest kids in one go makes you crazy and you can never think off such big things of the world which are going on right here πŸ˜›

  9. I enjoyed reading your post and made me go back into my college memories. I remember when I was completing my studies in India, I was not satisfied by my education and felt confused as an individual that what I am looking for. I always believed in the power of education and a change which it brings in an individual that transforms societies and nations. I wanted to transform myself not just academically but on personal front as well. So, I thought of continuing my education further and two great job offers in my home country could not debar me from what I dreamt of. I went to pursue my PhD and now that dream is coming to an end. I am happy coz I feel confident, independent, and machure. The ability to think before what I say, has been my greatest prize in the pursuit of higher education. It was not clearly a mission for me rather a dream come true. We dream at every step primarily influenced from our perceptions, recognitions, and milieu. When I think of my mission, I feel very humble and that humbleness tells me to serve, may be serve people, serve humanity. The “desire to serve” is my mission. I feel, in order to serve, I need to have a strong self esteem, education, and contentment. The pains I am taking for it is staying away from country and family. I think, one way of serving country is to serve each other first. This can be done if we treat each other with respect and kindness. This will avoid hatredness and negativity and will make a nation stronger.

    • Hi Bro, I feel connected to you from the other end of world, all thanks to internet. I congratulate you for your accomplishments of your dreams and thanks for posting such a thoughtful remark on this post I am moved with your mission with desire to serve, I really feel good to made you enjoy the write up and go back into your memories…

  10. Hmm

    I am not sure I fully understand the question.

    A revolution would strike me as some act of overthrowing – figuratively or real – an established order, usually against the resistance of other people who would’ve preferred the status quo.

    The rest of the post centers on a more self-reflective “what’s important to you in life” question, no?

    Making the “world a better place to live in” is no revolution? A revolution of what? Against what?

    • The question is quite simple, i take chance to explain further – Every good task in this world is not easy – it needs a culmination from randomness to order which in turn requires effort.

      The revolution is not necessarily against the resistance of other people, it can be with in you. A fight against good and bad traits of our personality. We keep on feeding both pets in our life, eventually who so ever wins is the resultant personality and it is what we become in our life.

      Thanks for adding the spice to the post! πŸ™‚

  11. I love this post and will tell you my greatest revolution came when i started to educate myself. I throw away all i learn from formal education and started learning about things that have a direct effect on my personal life. It was a great challenge to me, and people around me where no longer comfortable with the new person am becoming. They perceive a new way in me but could not easily adapt and accept my new ways of doing things especially my wife. We had a very difficult time during this period and i tried all i could to explain why i have to change but she wouldn’t understand.But, after she herself went through some series of seminars and teachings from motivational speakers, she come to realize why is so important for a new world to emerge in our life. Thanks for this post ,i love it.

    • It’s quite vital to emerge new world in our own life… otherwise we are crushed because we are blinded by the belief system which our brain is conditioned to.

      Yours is s true revolution, thanks for sharing it with us.

      I hope you have watched Seth’s talk on TED – ‘Stop Stealing dreams‘. Following is a humorous citation of about formal education for you – πŸ™‚

  12. My current job does not interests me I have been doing it with lot of struggle just because I need it for my dear ones. I am hopeful that one day I will manage to get some other good job. So my biggest revolution remains at my work place.

    • Hello Neeraj, Your dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work, and you’ll certainly find your dream job soon. Thanks for your comment.

  13. It’s always good to discuss ideas in front of you, as now its not possible – then your blog is the channel to get the revolutionary, creative & innovative ideas.

    Keep it up buddy………

  14. I thought I knew my mission in life while in college but my priorities changed after having kids. It’s still an ongoing and ever changing thing for me right now. BUT I realized negativity was invading my life, so I’ve been working to keep it out.

    • Our goals and missions keep on changing in life, which is OK!

      To realize negativity invasion into our lives, It requires lots of wisdom . I congratulate you for having your hands on right button though πŸ™‚

  15. Great thought provoking question. I have always felt that my purpose or revolution has found me in the past. I just always happen to be in the right place at the right time when a need surfaces and ignites a passion in me. I am now at a point in my life when I don’t seem to be having this “drop in my lap” sort of thing happening. I don’t really know what my purpose is at the moment. I will definitely be reflecting on your post and your question. fyi – I found you on problogger Discussion Post challenge. I am participating too.

  16. Yes! I love the name, “The Revolution Hour.” So powerful, changing our lives in one hour a day.

    My life’s mission is to uplift the world via writing, language, and communication. I truly believe I’m meant to use writing to connect with others and inspire them.

    Thanks for asking!

  17. It is said that a bird is born twice, once when it breaks from the shell of the egg and again when it soars into the sky. Same is true for us humans also. For a majority of us, what we do for a living might be altogether different than what we really would like to do, or in other words to understand the true calling of our life. For that, we have to start listening to our heart more often. We have to shut the clutter of our minds and feel the inner voice which can subtly guide us in the right direction. Speaking for myself, professionally i am a doctor but my heart is of a philosopher or a person who loves spirituality. Hence i also have taken to expressing my views through learning about the universe and its laws through reading as much as possible from books that inspire me and have recently started writing a book about the rat race currently engulfing our society.

    • Well said sir, i’ll slightly append your thought – we rather give birth to a brand new human being with in us daily with the help of our our day to day experiences and thus we keep on evolving.

      I congratulate you for keeping alive the WRITER – with in you! The world is looking forward for the great art work of literature “Rat Race” from the philosopher. πŸ™‚

  18. Rohit,
    In fact I had this confusion for almost five years and have finally taken a track. I had this confusion as whether I have to go into full time blogging or take a govt job. the job option seemed so easy, however, I would not be able to spend time to write, which I feel comes quite naturally to me. well, I have now chosen writing, lets see how I come out…

    • Hi Menaka,

      I congratulate you to be courageous enough to give an ear to your conviction, Your choices in life determines your character and remember – God is leading you on the right path for success.

      I pray for your success…

  19. This was a really interesting post that made me think. I also believe that many people don’t or can’t revolutionise their lives to live in a way that puts them in tandem with their mission. My mission wasn’t very grand or high thinking – I just wanted to bring up my children to become independent, decent, kind, compassionate, adult human beings – but now they have grown up, my attention has turned to blogging. You’ve made me think about how I can use it for the better good.

    • I must tell you – as a mother your’s is a great mission!

      Helping our children which is the next generation – to become independent, decent, kind, compassionate, adult human beings will definitely make the world better – as desired by us πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Rohit,

    Being the best me by helping people prosper online and providing inspiration…these are 2 of my chief purposes in life. The pains? Tons of financial hardship in the past, as I did this full time before money flowed in consistently. Now I am blessed, and to be honest, these tough times drove me past points where I would have quit, if I had a job to fall back on. Great inspiration here.

    If you fall in love with your purpose you know why you are alive. It is an awakening. You sacrifice, knowing that releasing something of a lower nature to make room for something of a higher nature is the key to growth, and happiness.

    I feel blessed to have taken my path and although the easier route might have caused less stress it would not have built me into the person I am today.

    Thanks Rohit,


    • Hi Ryan,

      Your story is quite inspiring for many in the discussion thread here, the life is full of ups and downs and it goes on but the bravest sight in the world is to see a great man struggling against adversity.

      Thanks for sharing your personal experiences here!

  21. My revolution is understanding people and encouraging them in any way that I can. Also, I care very much about children in extreme poverty and it is my mission to help them be released from the bondage of poverty. I am a communicator above all else, so it is very important to me to be communicating these ideas through writing and speaking. Great post!

  22. A profound thought so simply put in 500 words!! I think I should read this post every morning before beginning my work day.

  23. Man always seeks happiness by trying to satisfy his desires. If a desire is fulfilled, he feels joyous and when it is not, he feels disheartened.

    But the trouble is, desire is a bonfire that burns with greater fury asking for more fuel every time. One desire leads to ten more; and man exhausts Himself in trying to fulfill his desires.

    He has to turn back from this path of never-ending desire, to the path of inner contentment and joy.

    ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

    • Thanks for sharing the wisdom quote! It’s so true and simply an enlightening thought.

      Detaching desires from a common mortal like me is an hefty task! I am trying to amalgamate my never ending desires with compassion towards my loved ones.

  24. I liked the question, it made me think many ways… starting from improving our daily habits which we want to get rid off to pursuing our dreams or passions. But as i kept thinking it deeper and deeper, I realised I am looking for something else, which is ‘ultimate’ and ‘zen’.

    This made me closer to myself and i understood it’s the “spiritual bliss” i m actually looking for.. πŸ™‚ I
    let go off many things because of that but the happiness that i get in pursuing this Revolution is “Divine” !!!!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      I respect your take and identify with you, everything in this universe is connected somehow, when we say something from our heart it reaches another heart, and that’s how people are able to connect – for this we don’t require flowery words. You are on the track you say you felt closer to yourself.

  25. I am glad to see that you always tried writing and kept moving it really requires lot of patience and creativity to pursue your passions. I wish you good luck for your own revolution.

  26. I like the word ‘Revolution hour’ but still don’t want anybody to limit one’s ‘Human revolution’ to one hour. It’s a life long, 24×7 process as their is infinite potential for our self development. As for ones mission in life, i think they can be both personal and lofty for the society at large. What we do for a living is our professional life but most of us have some passions or issues which are really close to our heart. These are the ones to be pursued in earnest in our free time. In fact, we need to creat time for what we love to do.
    It is sad but true that in today’s world, priorities of most of humans ( 95%) are upside down. They are madly chasing pay packets, doing what they despise deep in their hearts just to earn more and more so that they can eventually become successful in other people’s eyes. Alas, for most of them, it takes most of their lifetimes to reach that stage and when they look back and reflect, they realize that it was not what they actually wanted and then feel empty from inside. All the people that they wanted to show off are already busy in their rat race so the web of deceit continues.
    In short, we should not wait till we grow old and have plenty of money to pursue our mission because that moment may never come. It is better to listen to our deeper voice coming from our subconscious mind and follow our heart so that when we are at the death bed, we have no regrets.