Few years back when I started this blog I kept on thinking about variety of topics to discuss but without much ado I got attracted and settled on certain writings which converged to make my own life better.

What is your Revolution

My idea still remains to make this world a better place to live, for this we require good people around us. And if I have to convert someone from bad to good, the first target will be me – myself. So instead of doing something grand or great I thought off devoting little time of my day to improvise myself by compiling thoughts for living best skilled, be it technology, morals or productivity hacks & I call this time of transformation as ‘the revolution hour’.

Initially my mind was full of doubts and fears, why the hell people will read me and moreover who has authorised me to say all this. Later on some wisdom popped in and I realised that my negative side was trying to stop me and I used this realisation as a springboard.

To attain your goal you have to pay some price, with every good thing there are some mandatory things which you don’t like, if you want to be fit and on the same time if you don’t want to go for the exercise – it is simply not posssible.

I am making my living by executing a different job altogether but I try stealing time energy and effort from my schedule, family and work to pursue my passion. It brings me fulfillment if i am able to help a single person to become better.

I can safely see it as my calling at least for the current phase of life. For this I keep on paying the price and it is not one way on the same time I do relish my attainments from this exercise.

Now this is not going to be a lengthy post today and I would like to make it a discussion post. I humbly throw my question to you.

Have you awakened to the mission of your life?

If yes, what is your revolution? 

and what pains you are taking for it?

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