Personally, since I had rather not attained a balanced blogging life, I normally make it a point to blog daily depending on interesting technical posts I read. It’s been only a couple of months since I started this practice. The pressure to maintain this posting frequency sometimes definitely becomes a barrier to create the interesting content.

Blog something which is close to your heart, it’s good for your spirit and psyche. Good literature never hunts for readers. Rather good readers are always in hunt of good content.

If you have created an interesting time less post and also you are not very active on social networking sites my instinct says that sooner or later it will reach its readers.

I trust blogging frequently is not a limitation but is surely a necessary evil since when you have regular readers, rather your loyal readers. They just pop in for interesting content from you. And if blogging every day is going to maximize my ROI, in terms of satisfied “content readers”, then I’ll probably love ending up blogging more than once in day.

I can’t wait to see how things progress however I’ll keep you posted, keep reading though!

Over to you: