Security Certificate Issue

Today when I tried opening internet I got Secrity Certificate error, thinking it to be some issue with browser I switched my browser from Chrome to Firefox.. but the problem didn’t left me. I even tried I – Explorer. I got the following errors on each one of them.

My first reaction was that thee websites I am trying to open aren’t trustworthy any more!

So I tried opening my own lovely blog. To my wonder the error was all the same “The web-site is not trustable”

I thought that I am been hacked! as this Security certificate issue may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept data you send to the server.

Later on I thought the Security Certificate has actually expired but expiring certificates of websites like Google, Yahoo and Facebook was bizzare. After digging some forum which asked me that, “Your Computer’s date is set to a wrong value”

Thank God! My computer clock was wrong and I was displaying a previous time. My BIOS memory (also known as CMOS) battery had gone and it was the time to replace it.

I was excited for a while when I saw that due to all this my VIPRE AntiVirus which generally displays an expiration date which is for about one year or so, displayed me that it is activated for life time. My happiness vanished when I reset synced my system clock with the current time.

Open letter to Google Apps

Dear Google Apps,

Subject: Small problem after integration of Google Apps

I am very thankful to Google for providing millions of users like me with Google Apps account. Google is providing us with a set of collaboration services which is unique and best, and practically best in terms of costing. Be it a paid or free service, corporations are making highly benefited by this.

Before the transition regarding Integration of Google Apps, when the domain user logged out of the domain email, they were taken to the login page of the domain (google apps email login page) and the domain owners felt swollen with pride when their users logs in (or out) to check their respective accounts via a customized page.

Recently when you came up with your latest transition which allows Apps account holders all the functions similar to any other Gmail account so that one can execute their apps account just like account, and all your rest services are integrated. I personally welcome this move of yours..

A little apprehension is when after the transition, domain’s users log out they don’t go to the domain email login page. Instead they land up at gmail default page. This was little silly for the domain owners part. I am sure that I am not alone facing this setback; thousands of other people around the world have felt unprofessional.

Though to make a note, your logo is already in the footer so it was not a matter of concealing it to end users that you have powered this service.

I dug the topic on Google Apps Administrator Help Forum and the answer which I learned from there went above my head “We do not currently have an ETA for this change.”

Please advise how to set the behavior to redirect the users to the domain login page when they signout, instead of going to gmail. I hope and pray that it gets sorted quickly since this may not consume your lot of effort, energy and resource as this might be specific to the redirection setting.

Yours truely,
A Google Apps User/Lover

Browsers Market Share

Recently when I found that my site is not doing well on some versions of IE, I dveled more into the study of Browsers Market Shares. I collected some data from Statcounter and found that IE is still holding a reasonable share.

If I look statistics of my own site I found an unignorable users of IE.

Thanks to the compatibility view of IE which makes my site in shape. But I really wonder how many of my site users might be opting for this facility of IE!

Optimising Mobile Internet

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Why I took U turn from IE9 to IE8

Being into web publishing I use almost all browsres to ensure that my work looks good every where. Preferably I work on Google Chrome, Moxilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Apple Safari.

If we talk about Microsoft I was quite comfortable with IE version 8. After the launch of IE9 with high claims of getting faster than fast and on reading its good reviews that its new JavaScript engine and hardware acceleration mean greatly improved speed. Its minimalist interface leaves more room for webpages. Download manager with malware protection. Improved tab function. Many security features. Tracking Protection. Improved standards support. Pinned tabs make sites like apps in Windows 7. I was impressed.

Though intial experience was good enough while I browsed it on windows 7 but as soon as I worked on Windows server 2008, my css got disturbed. However it was workingf fine on same IE9 on Windows 7 :-O

My blog looked like this

My left side bar went down and all changes which I did into my CSS went futile.

When I went to my WP control panel it shouted me that I am using an insecure browser which I need to update. To my wonder no update was availbale to it :-(

To install IE8 back I need to get it uninstalled.

Has it to do something with operating system, as this problem had been reported on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 editions. However thanks to compatibility view of IE as the website runs perfectly fine after enabling it.

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