Social conversations while watching your favourite TV shows or sports matches are real fun. Now you can send your tweets with specific #tags prompted on TV screen and it shall be broadcast live.

People spend lot of time watching TV and like wise they do a lot of time social media. In this scenario it is a revolutionary convergence of tweeting and television viewing. TV and Social Media Integration is an innovation in the DTH industry across the world that allows customers to experience Twitter on TV.

DTH Service provider Airtel Digital TV customers will now be able see what the world is tweeting about popular TV programmes, celebrities, sports personalities etc. on their TV screen itself. Customers will also be able to tweet about their favourite TV shows, celebrities, sports/ sports personalities or any ongoing TV programme across channels while watching it. What’s more….your Tweet will be broadcasted LIVE and you can read your Tweets on the TV screen along with the Tweets of your favourite celebrities.

The service is powered by Brizz TV and can be enjoyed by all Airtel Digital TV customers across the country on any set-top-box at no additional cost. Customers have to justpress the green key on their Airtel Digital TV remote to enable and access the service.

Customers can easily close the Tweet window or resume back at any given time by pressing a key again. Even customers who either have no access to internet or are not active on Twitter currently can experience Twitter on their TV screen. Initially, the service will be available on select TV channels and will be extended to others in succession.