It’s not your busy-ness in life that makes you tired. Your single thought opens up a process thread in the brain, and all unnecessary thinking brings in too many such threads which makes you feel tired.

Don’t become an information scavenger

Knowledge always remains a much appreciated beautiful aspect of our personality. The un-experienced interesting information in ones intellect has no ability to offer any strength to the individual because it is still external and has not been internalised yet. Your values and contentment are the signs that the knowledge has been properly digested.

All quality action which is truly appropriate to person, circumstance and the need of the moment, all newness of understandings, all new insights, or vision, require a space for silent reflection as a preliminary step.

Normally, we are lost in the business of action, its routine and ritual that make our life so mechanical and hence dull and boring, or demanding and hectic.

A mind and intellect that do not give time and attention to reflective silence become lazy, though externally there is lots of activity but no new heights are reached because there is no depth of awareness in what we are doing, no reflection on purpose and… you get trapped by this routine.

How not to get tired?

Don’t get distracted, get upset or get too ‘lost’ in anything or anyone. Don’t think too much about the work. Just do it! Then your mind will stay rested whilst you work.

Reflection is an exercise of the mind and intellect that goes into the depths of understanding an idea, or realization, or point of knowledge with the aim of practicing it in daily life. Reflect your knowledge as it is a necessary step in digesting knowledge.