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Time Management – Let Go

Time is your most precious resource today, because it is limited. The importance of time management has never been greater than it is today. Most of the time you find running out of time. Time management in today’s modern world, is about doing what is most important and what helps you feel good and being OK that the other tasks do not get done.

We can’t create more – there is only 24 hours in a day. But still our lives seem to get busier and busier. Generally Time management strategies are associated with the recommendation to set personal goals. These goals are a simple task list whose deadlines may be set, and priorities assigned. This process results in a plan with a task list or a schedule or calendar of activities.

Does good time management really mean being up-to-date with your tasks?

The length of your to-do list make you feel more stressed. Generally the time management systems you have learnt too complicated or time consuming?

You can be more time effective

Believe me there is a better way. The main problem is that you have to be everywhere because there are too many preferences today. And the main objective of most of us is to be everywhere. Add the options on television, the internet and the cell phone and you are constantly bombarded with social networks requests or suggestions of things to do. Furthermore there are the social and community expectations that put further time pressure on you to have life balance, time with you partner, your kids, be healthy.

Yes, it would be nice to do all these things. In reality it is unlikely you will be able to do these to the extent you wish to. There is a way you can still feel like you are contributing in areas that are really important to you.

You need to Let Go of the idea that you will get everything done. Let Go of the idea that you can catch-up and get on top of all the tasks you would like to do. It is not going to happen. The future of time management is about accepting that you will not get to complete all the tasks you would really like to do.

There are too many options to get everything done, and then you need to start managing your reaction of not doing tasks. Next, think about the subconscious reaction not doing one of the many tasks on your to-do list. Most people that go through this realize that there is a dreadful feeling.

This helps you to re-standardize your response to not getting tasks done. In fact every hour of everyday you are not getting things done, and you are surviving OK. It is only when you are reminded of these tasks that your emotional response kicks in.

So what are you letting go?

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  1. Time management is important because without it, life has the potential to be chaotic. If a person doesn’t actively manage their time, this individuals time may be used up before they realize it. Time management allows a person to succeed. Managing their time encourages achievement of goals.

  2. Also if we were nnot able to complete some tasks in our to do list, we start questioning our capabilities and this starts affecting our relations with people. The idea of acceptance is really good. The fact is we can’t finish all of our tasks in one shot. Making priority in to do list also helps. Bro, I really like your blogs. Keep it up. That’s my food for mind. 🙂

  3. Thank you Munish and your remarks are my food for my thought 😉

    The point which you have inititaed has been addressed here please go through..