Though most of the start-ups do not have any future, yet they teach us priceless experiences which otherwise we won’t, this makes me look at start-ups with great admiration.

Some epic things are about to happen!

On the same time I posses a gut feeling that we must acquire our own deliverable credentials which enables us to shake hand with others to have some really great venture and to become unbeatable best team, the main reason behind, which we generally overlook is – by default we are not really good at what we want to become, and we are very quick to say ‘this sucks’ .

Your perseverance and years of effort eventually make you look like an overnight success! – Biz Stone, Co founder – Twitter

Go as per you conviction, your leap of faith should take you to do something you truly love and you are passionate about ,  and I am working hard on it…

Although friends do not always make the best of business partners still in this connection I had couple of sittings with my buddies to come up with some interesting project, as Indian fools now heads to cook some thought curry. 😉

Thought Curry