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The Revolution Hour

This blog is outcome of my reflection on various issues pertaining to life in general.

Several unresolved questions still continue to haunt my mind and my effort to resolve them continues.

In this blog we try to keep our focus on Spiritual education. It leads us back to the understanding and the experience of our holistic existence as human beings, to the knowledge that we are spiritual, as well as physical, mental and emotional beings. This process includes:

Learning Growing Integrating Contributing

When we are genuinely learning, only then can we experience spiritual growth. When we grow, we integrate with others and it is in that integration that there is a natural and mutual contribution to nature and other souls. These four processes of education are constantly at work, but only happen in a way that is enjoyable and meaningful when the spiritual resources of the self like peace, joy and love are activated and creatively used.

These resources, along with the mind and intellect, enrich the way we see the world, the way we interact with it and the way we individually create our place in it. These resources are the original qualities of the self, which we have not properly used for a long time. By become spiritually aware, we start to harness and use these positive energies.

rHour is my own Hour [Rohit’s Hour] to be more general it is a Rush Hour to my passion of my life i.e. Technology which has revolutionized our life in the modern world. Writing rHour with compassion is just like performing prayers for me. We generally waste lots of time from our daily schedules, the idea of conserving this time with the latest innovations around the globe as a part time blogger clicked me like anything. The idea to establish revolution Hour as a place where whenever I feel technologically revolutionized I can compile and check. This blog is a place which inspires me to work hard to earn satisfaction and repute. The fact remains while most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it and – the right time is now!

In our lives we land at a point where each one of us does feel taking some kind revolution in his or her life to make the difference, but the question here is how long one can stay in that state of revolution? That phase for sure is ephemeral. Most of the time it lasts so quickly that by the time we retrospect our revolution it gets diluted.

It has got the reason, we have been victimized (rather paralyzed) by the comforts provided by modern age. Most of the times when I witness someone just passing its time, a thought permeates and I use to assume that if some day we were put into jail then after attaining a stage of boredom and frustration we would definitely like to pray or beg to get rid of there and wish to do lot many things. As a matter of fact we are not different to that jailed person; we have put ourselves into the big jails of our mind and have tied ourselves with so many shackles of thoughts to confine our capabilities. All of us are wearing the earth suits bestowed to us by Mother Nature. All of us are sailing across this life presuming that we are not going to last forever. All the compiled nonsense we take as commonsense.

Just think as if you are at the climax moments of your life and are looking for just single opportunity again. How piteous! Let’s break our barricades right here and do all we can, for good with wisdom. Always remember the concision of life, the certainty of death, and the span of eternity. We are not going to live forever in these ‘Earth Suits’. They will wear out, and then one day we will liberate. The idea of revolution hour is with intent, “May we all live completely until we die”.

The important thing is not where you were or where you are but where you want to get. Our idea is to establish revolution Hour as a place where whenever you feel revolutionized you can check and find out the corresponding article to relate your situation to. Most of the ideas are related to life some of these have been taken from some books whose references are added. No spiritual and religious issues are discussed here; any materialistic idea or practice which can bring a revolution in the life of individual for good irrespective of its magnitude is eligible to be published.

There are many individuals who have come together directly or indirectly to make this Blog a reality and whom we greatly appreciate. I express my deepest thanks to one and all. I request you to help us forwarding this revolution and become part of revolution Hour by sending your ideas, experiences or articles on revolution hour on email ID:

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