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Technology support for Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption is gaining lot of attention not only in India but across the world too.  This movement has taken an interesting turn and the youth of the country is indulged in spreading awareness about the movement on internet with the help of mobile aps and social media websites.

The smartphone users can now stay-up-to date with the latest news, regarding the movement with mobile app developed by Juvenis Tech is launched for Android and Symbian platforms, to spread awareness about the campaign and encourage participation. The app provides you with news updates, streaming videos, polling and information about Lokpal. Users can also register as volunteer for the movement via this app. The app can be downloaded both from Ovi Store and Android Marketplace.

Get the Lokpal Bill in one Minute: Programmers at Krazy Koder, a free online lab for programmers, have come up with a game which can be played online with which you can help Anna Hazare collect the Lokpal Bill virtually.

Anna Hazare game works only on Chrome & Firefox, In order to play this game simply click on the dark space shown below, now press the arrow keys to collect supporters & avoid colliding to politicians who come your way. On collecting 10 supporters, you are ready to collect the Lokpal Bill.


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  2. Today, the SK University teachers and students took a rally in support of Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal bill. The response to the rally was spontaneous and impressive. The large turnout of the student community in support of Anna is a clear indication that the youth of India are against corruption and have been waiting for a leader to fight against corruption. Ultimately they found a leader in Anna and the youth across the country is behind him.