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Sync your Firefox

If you are a firefox user or if you are not using it already, download the latest version of Firefox for desktop. Your browser bookmarks make life easy of a web surfer. Have you ever felt the need to access your bookmark list residing on your home computer, while browsing a public computer? If yes, here’s an easy solution to sync your Firefox bookmarks across any computer in the world. So let’s get started.

Find Sync in the Preferences menu on your Mac or go to Options in the Firefox menu in Windows. Create a Sync account with an email address and password.

Fill your details (email address and password). You can optionally check/uncheck the details (bookmarks, passwords, preferences, history, tabs) that need to be synced.

You’ll get a sync-key to decrypt your bookmarks stored on the sync server. That’s it. Now whenever you are sitting on a different computer. Simply go to Tools -> Set up Sync… again and click ‘Connect’ button. You’ll be prompted to enter your sync key. Once you’ve provided the key, it will download all your bookmarks instantly. Make sure you delete the sync account from the public computer before you leave the desk.

Following easy screens will be encountered while configuring it

Stay safe while using it

Firefox Sync works behind the scenes to keep you safe. It is for your eyes only, your data is always protected, so only you have access to information like your passwords and browsing history.

Firefox Sync is the only service with end-to-end encryption. Sync’s advanced security measures mean you’re never vulnerable to online bad guys or companies that will sell your information.

Enjoy the benefits of sharing personal info across all your devices while still maintaining military-grade security and privacy.

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