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Strategy of Limited Invites

Google Wave has been making headlines ever since it was announced back in May as a result of its features. The web is buzzing with excitement and anticipation with real-time communication platform. Did you receive your invite to Google wave or New orkut?

If you haven’t received as yet. You’re not alone. Thousands of users around the world are still awaiting their invitation to Google’s new communication platform.

I remember the time when Google launched Gmail, for many days I waited for my invite from some one and later it was open for all. When it first came out and there were a select number of invites users could send out and Google Voice is still available by invite only. (Request an invite)

Fact remains people were willing to pay hard cash for one of those invites. Recently Google Wave Invites were selling for $70 on eBay. You might have noticed that whenever Google launched its new product or a new version of its product, it provides a limited access to the users by providing only little invitation over your account if you have already got an invitation from the Google Team.

Google always choose the path of limited before its product is exposed on the public. It grabs your attention by limited invites. It forms exponential growing chains of users this ways. Whenever they launched its product like Gmail, Orkut new version and Google Wave, it only gave out few amount of invitation to some limited members.

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