I was feeling quite heavy at heart as soon as I sat in my study room to deliver something great.  I wasn’t even able to figure out clearly that why it was so? Apparently everything seemed quite normal but there was turmoil within.

My inability to stand productive was adding frustration to my head. After contemplating for a while I realized that it was an unrequited stress which I was carrying in my head, it kept on compiling itself and my inertness has turned out to be the most dangerous part of it. I realized that this stress is actually already exiting in my environment in one or other form.

Surprisingly the worst part of my increasing stress was my own understanding and assumptions for the topic were serving feed for it. I closed my notebook and went to have some coffee. While having coffee I discussed the matter with my spouse and tried to come out with something better. Soon I realized I was trying to fool tackel myself  by adding lot of things to the actual matter. The matter for which I was not solely but somewhere responsible. Then I went for a walk. 

The next day I found myself in front of a difficult situation to challenge the ideas, to express my individual voice. I honestly expressed myself exactly I felt and threw away the loads of burden. It was really good. It definitly will require some effort from my side but it is my way.