During my blogging journey I have dried up all of my blogs more than once by not writing anything on them and later on when again I got charged up I started with a brand new design. Why this happens? It is still a quest… Howsoever what precautionary measures I have envisaged in order to avoid this thing happen. It is surprising fact that large number of net savvy people who have initiated  professional blogging along with their other jobs have shut down their blogging business in less than 6 months. Others do it at irregular pace slowly abandoning it completely.Only handful of people manage to make it large, and making money out of it still a quest.

Now I try using my weekends to skim new ideas for posts and making final drafts for as many posts as I can. Preparing rough drafts for the whole week is one of the best techniques to lower down my  burden for the whole week. It not only saves your research time and you can also get started in no time on a daily basis. These drafts ensure that you devote your weekdays only in writing the content, and that’s what matters for your readers as well as for your successful blogging career.

Distractions are the biggest enemy of writing so you must remove your TV at least from your room to increase your productivity. While writing the posts, log out from all your accounts, close the browser and use a minimal full-screen text editor to write efficiently without any distractions.

Stay aloof for a while, sometimes, people do the mistake of starting their blogging activities in their living room or a dining room in the presence of their family members. This results in poor productivity due to repetitive distractions. You must create a small home office in a separate room to get the look-n-feel of a professional environment. This greatly helps in increasing the productivity.

Though meticulous but preparing editorial calender is a cool idea for the following month. This enables you to plan ahead in time and in making desired changes in your day-to-day activities. Make sure you divide your work for each day clearly allocating each task for every single day in the editorial calendar. Happy Blogging!