Social media is evolving fast and surely, lots of interesting things are bound to happen in the year ahead given the changes that occurred previously. We all want to know what’s cooking next?

Before we all get excited about what this year might bring in for social media, it will be worth while to look back and review some of the things that happened in social media in the previous year.

Following Trends

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A look at the past

Facebook Global Pages

To address the issue of localising campaigns, the social media giant provided Global Pages for brands as a solution in October. With this feature, brands can create customised content for customers from different countries.

So instead of opening a Facebook page filled with content in different languages, users can now read content tailored for their country.

Twitter Tailored Trends

The microblogging site already had Trends in place where users can view the most talked about topics. With this, users were able to view worldwide trends or opt to view from a specific location.

To make the trends more meaningful to users, Twitter introduced Tailored Trends that basically lists down trending topics based on your location and who you follow.

Google+ Hangouts Worldwide

When Google+ launched in 2011, this feature was limited to a few users. This allowed 10 users to engage in conversation while the rest of the world watched.

On May 2012, this service was made available for users worldwide. This move gave businesses worldwide the chance to host sessions; therefore, giving them another avenue for their social media optimisation campaign.

A peek into the future

Facebook tools for businesses

Since it acquired – an analytics tool – marketers can expect improvements when it comes to gaining more insight about the fans of a Facebook page. Another change businesses may anticipate is the chance to get page update suggestions based on the actions performed by users on the posts of that certain page.

Personalization of Twitter feed

Social media experts are claiming that Twitter will personalise the tweets that appear on your feed based on certain factors. Some of these include influence, engagement, and interests.

Need of Google+

Google+ is needed when users want to claim authorship of their articles on the Web. Plus, given the significance of authorship on ranking efforts, it makes sense for people to have a presence on the social network.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the many things that happened in social media in 2012 as well as a brief look into its future. What remains to be seen is whether these predictions for 2013 do materialise.

About the Author: Jonny Lis is a Digital Marketing Specialist for Smart Traffic, a UK-based company offering dedicated SEO services for their business clients. He oversees over 300 campaigns for the company.

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