This is 2018 and Social Media Warfare is growing at a pace, with more and more people joining social media sites and using them regularly and efficiently, the social media industry has to grow bigger in coming years.

With such a remarkable development, every business needs to take advantage of the proper social media channels in the best possible manner today.

Here are some points that help you succeed in social media marketing.

  1. Listen Your Audience
  2. Let Analytic to continue redefine who your customer is
  3. Engage your community with employee advocacy
  4. Optimize your publishing strategy
  5. Advertise wisely
  6. Pay attention to matrix
  7. Measured social media efforts against your goals

#1 Listen Your Audience

Digital consumer spends an average of 1hr & 49m per day on social media. This means about 1 of every 3 minutes spent online is devoted to some form of networking or messaging activity.

On these social media you can

  • Identify the influences in your industry.
  • Listen for social selling opportunities.

Dig deeper & listen

  1. Put together a list of keywords people may use about:
  • Your Company
  • Your industry
  • Your competitors

2. Be ready to track

  • misspelling,
  • abbreviations and
  • general statements.

#2 Let Analytic to continue redefine about your customer

In analytics you need accurate, clean, up-to date data before you:

  • Create a campaign
  • Segment your audience
  • Analyze your matrics
  • Personalize your marketing.

Analytics provide lot of detailed  information about your audience such as

  • Percentage of men & women
  • Ages of your audience
  • Languages the speak
  • Location of your audience
  • What your audience like or dislike
  • What type of content help you to achieve your targets

So with this information you can decide which campaign you can use for different type of audience which will help to achieve your goal and can earn more traffic and profit.

Create Reports based on Matrics

In a report, a matrix is used to display an aggregate summary of the data grouped into a report dataset, similar to a PitportTable or Crosstab report. You can create reports based on matrics by asking following question to yourself

  • What are most active networks?
  • What is the overall sentiment your audience has towards?
  • What are  your audience biggest pain points?


#3 Engage your community with employee advocacy

When you are rating the credibility of sources , people choose:

  • 60% – a person like yourself
  • 48% – employee
  • 37% – CEO
  • 35% – Board of Directors


Out of all others including CEOs, Senior Executives, activist consumers, academics, and media spokespeople employees are the most credible spokespeople about:

  • 58% – Treatment of employees & customers.
  • 38% – Financial earning & operational  performance.
  • 37% – Business practices & crisis handling
  • 33% – Innovation efforts.
  • 32% – Views on industry issues
  • 30% – Partnership & programs to address societal issues.


With those statistics in mind, encourage your employees to be greatest brand advocates on social media.

  • Work on marketing your brand a part of everyday life. This is known as social rand value.
  • Identify employees who are passionate about your brand and customers.
  • Keep employees happy and engaged in their positions.
  • Put a social media policy in place – the give employees autonomy.
  • Praise their work according to their analytics.

#4 Optimize your publishing strategy

You need to choose the right content to share at right time so that it will be reachable to the right audience. Here you need to do the following things:

  • Tangentially relevant content.
  • Responses to common and frequently asked questions.
  • Use some tips to gain more traffic.
  • Provide information about latest job opening.


#5 Advertise wisely

You can succeed in social media marketing by consider the reasons you want to advertise on social media.

  • Spend your advertising dollars more effectively.
  • Get your ad in front of your preferred audience immediately.
  • Test to improve targeting and performance.
  • Make sure your creative, messing and targeting coincides with the rest of your traditional advertising.
  • Keep Tracking your performance with KPIs and metrics.


#6 Pay attention to matrics

While creating a matrix you need to pay attention on the data / info that is relevant, and avoid unnecessary information.  Only measure what adds value. Unless your goals is just to raise awareness, do not use vanity metrics such as :

  • Number of links
  • Number of shares
  • Number of followers
  • Number of downloads
  • Number of page views.

#7 Measured social media efforts against your goals

Use a centralized dashboard. Find out how your social marketing efforts affect:

  • Number of email subscribers.
  • Customer service reps workload.
  • Product and service offerings.