Have you ever wondered how many of Social Media users are Hum or Tum (Guys or Gals)? OK, What do you think why certain sites attract more Hum than Tum and vice versa?

Does sex really has something to do with Social Media?

Social Media which includes Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Slashdot, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, FriendFeed, Last, Friendster, LiveJournal, Hi5, Imeem, Ning, Xanga, Classmates, Bebo, and other sites.

To determine the ratio between male and female users on these sites the demographics data for the United States was gathered with the help of Google’s Ad Planner service.

Twitter with 59% female users and Facebook with 57%. Bebo (66% female users), closely followed by MySpace and Classmates.com (64%). Contrary the social news sites Digg, Reddit and Slashdot have significantly more male users than female.

Tum Women rule in most of the social networks, except one, where they just cannot beat the men anytime soon – The Social News Sites.

What do you think the reason is?