The excitement and craze to write on a blog post was relatively immense when I initially started it back in year 2007. I often scribbled something and wanted to do so relentlessly for myself. Later on I executed this exercise for my audience then it became quite mechanical and gradually I behaved like a pendulum and kept on loosing and gaining flair in it. In an effort to realize how and why it happened to me I realized it was far better to write it for myself rather than to my audience. In fact in the longer run I love my writings which I wrote for myself.

I am not against the readership or followers. Making bold statement against social media is not justified unless I complete it by saying that the fear or worry which any one can inculcate within some pressure on one’s head to generate and deliver more writings frequently. The bottom line remains, you’ll be far happier if someone digs you up to connect online or offline desperately after reading your articles. For this you certainly have to raise the bar of your writings by connecting to the reader’s soul. Otherwise you’ll be any other ordinary writer.

If you are putting your heart in your writings then only you can connect and reach your readers heart.