TV and Social Media Integration

Social conversations while watching your favourite TV shows or sports matches are real fun. Now you can send your tweets with specific #tags prompted on TV screen and it shall be broadcast live.

People spend lot of time watching TV and like wise they do a lot of time social media. In this scenario it is a revolutionary convergence of tweeting and television viewing. TV and Social Media Integration is an innovation in the DTH industry across the world that allows customers to experience Twitter on TV.

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How are you playing with Social Media?

Some years ago we could hear such phrase as – “Come to see me”. It meant “to visit somebody’s place in order to see and to spend time together”. In other words, it was any joint action.

Unfortunately, further this phrase got another meaning – “to visit a social media profile or an online-diary page”. The invitation meaning is almost the same. But here we can see the time’s economy, because you are able to communicate with someone without leaving your home and at any time.

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Social Media Trampoline

You are living in world where marketing is no longer limited to the quality stuff you access, but also about the related stories you hear. Social Media has got all pros and cons. It’s up to you what you choose.

Social Media Trampoline was the title of my presentation at Chandigarh Blogger’s Meet 2013, you can have view it here.

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What’s next in Social Media?

Social media is evolving fast and surely, lots of interesting things are bound to happen in the year ahead given the changes that occurred previously. We all want to know what’s cooking next?

Before we all get excited about what this year might bring in for social media, it will be worth while to look back and review some of the things that happened in social media in the previous year.

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Why should your blog be followed?

If there are two words that you’re probably seeing quite a bit these days on blogs, they are “Follow Us”. To understand the psyche of your visitors and making them follow you is really part of your social media skill.

Here are some elements worth considering.

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Nobody is really reading your mails

Email marketing is all about engaging more customers and ensuring high deliverability ratio. You need to have a check on what is happening to your email list and whether it is getting delivered to right contact or not.

Here are some measures that increase your mail deliverability for effective email marketing

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Business success with social media – Four tips

There are lots ways to drive traffic to your website and you can observe that more and more business owners are using social media to promote their products and services. This is mainly because social media optimisation gives instant results and good returns on the investments. The best thing about the social media optimisation is that it is not as difficult as PPC marketing or Search engine Optimisation to implement. The key here is that you need to be in touch with the potential customers solve their queries online and understand them efficiently. If you are planning to promote your business online through social media then there are few basic things to consider and here are a few tips to succeed in social media optimisation.

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