Generally creative thinking is thought of as a process of creating something new or an attitude for problem solving. All of us know that learning is an integral part of our everyday life. Developing a skill is also an example of creative thinking. The skill of knowing how to learn is a must for everybody and is the key to acquiring new skills and sharpening the ability to think through problems. It opens the door to other learning.

How to learn Skills

Increasingly, companies are identifying creative problem solving as critical to their success and are instituting structured approaches to problem identification, analysis, and resolution. Creative solutions help the organization to move forward toward strategic goals.

Study smarter not harder

A secondary benefit of learning how to learn is that it empowers the learner’s ability to develop a measurable task repeatedly. For purposes of action, nothing is more useful than focus of thought combined with energy of will. Do not say you will do anything unless you will indeed do it. Speak the truth and measure your words wisely. Be humble, straightforward and peaceful.

It’s not who you think you are that holds you back but what you think you’re not.

If you fail to discipline your mind and your energy levels will be depleted and your accomplishments will be minimal. Control it and you will see great things happening. You will feel more powerful and achieve difficult tasks with ease. Just as valuable energy is wasted by spending time on activities that are of no value, energy can be wasted on loose thinking. Imagine that your mind has an energy measure of 1000 watts at its disposal. Each time your mind wanders off the project at hand, to a nagging worry, to all the things to do by the end of the day, 100 watts is lost. Quite soon the entire energy supply is gone. This is the nature of the mind.

You practice an action and you reap a skill.

While developing a skill set create your image as a highly competent, strong, disciplined, calm and decent individual. Find that crucial balance between working on the image that you project to the rest of the world and your inner character. Create a sense of mystery about yourself as the truly wise never show their hand. There is no need to tell everyone everything about yourself, your strategies and your aspirations. The successful people think twice before they speak, a word uttered can never be retrieved. Make things look easy and people will say you are naturally gifted. Speak good things and people will flock to you.