You’re Always Right Even when You’re Wrong – But Still Why Should You Consider Others Viewpoint

Why should you consider others viewpoint? You perceive world through five senses. What you see, feel, touch, smell and  hear is received by sense organs. Your brain process all this infomation.

This processing is based upon the information you already have and environment you are in to. Because of our limitations whatever opinion we come up with is likely to be flawed.

An ant rests on a flower in meditation posture

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Electrical Sensitivity & Electromagnetic Allergy

Medic history knows that every epoch has its own actual diseases. In former times people suffered from plague and smallpox and less than a century ago we suffered from Spanish influenza.

The terrible scourge of modern times is allergy. Our immune system rebels against different chemistry which all earth is saturated with. However the problem is not only in the chemistry.

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Chandigarh Bloggers Meet 2013 – A walk through

Eventually we met – Chandigarh Bloggers Meet 2013 was a long long awaited meet of bloggers of North India. I thoroughly enjoyed the event, the best part was that the agenda was purely focused on blogging.

The event was about problogging practices to encourage the budding bloggers. The new bloggers understood the technicalities behind running a successful blog. We also had a talk about advantages of WordPress and the optimum usage of social media. The fellow bloggers emerged in the meet from different places. We were also accompanied by some students of institute who were studying Information technology and are aspirant bloggers. Enjoy the photo essay of the event.

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