I started my blogs as an endeavor to know and learn new things. Whenever I write a blog post mine prime focus is to improvise myself on that particular topic and I intend to know and explore more things about the topic. This does not necessarily mean that I know hell lot of information about the concerned topic. I dig the net and place all information; I try checking its authenticity and relating it with myself and eventually shade it in my expression and flavor. There are many bloggers like me who feel like they are only posting for themselves but this is not true once your blog post is up you can not imagine your matter crosses how many eyes.

Remember only 1 out of every 100 Readers Comment on your Blog so you ought to do responsible blogging. If you wish more comments then first you need to do so for your fellow bloggers.

Putting comments on blogs is one of the most meaningful tools that we have to show experts where they need to focus. It is like having a vote and when you comment you are saying, speaks for yourself. Rather than criticizing the other person, stick to expressing your own feelings and actions. But now all the social media tools and slightly diluted the frequency of placing the thoughtful comments. Moreover these suck your energy and innovativeness.

There is no ideal way to blog and no correct way to tweet; you can develop your own which suits you best. You can actually influence those you admire with a meaningful comment, blog writers change their opinions all of the time. You can also reinforce opinions you agree with when you have real world examples. Commenting has truly been the fuel that has fired readership for my blog and opportunity for me. It is also part of being a responsible blogger in general. Here’s to exploring the brave new world of the interludes together. In recent days, watching the Twitter stream of the relative few people I follow, I saw a lot of chit-chat and haphazard replies. There’s nothing wrong with chit-chat, per se, but some people socialize on Twitter far more than others.

Every one seems to be busy to gather traffic, more traffic is good but not at the cost of your innovativeness and the relation and respect for other’s writings. The primary purpose of blog commenting is to gain new readers by enticing readers of the target blog to my own.

I personally feel you can draw attention of any blogger to your own blog by simply putting thoughtful comments at his blog. Remember this, most bloggers read the blogs of those who comment on their posts. I want to know more about the person. I want to see who they are, what motivates them, what are they writing? You become part of the life of the blogger you are reading. But remember, although the blogger and other readers will read your work that is not why you comment. You comment because it is part of joining the conversation! It is the right thing to do when you care about a topic!