I hope you’ll surely agree to me on the importance of your Google Account Password Google has a wide range of service, and people can’t afford to lose their passwords as they are quite addicted to these services. So it’s imperative that we remember our Google Account password. But if you are hooked to web for, you might had experienced the difficulty of remembering the passwords.

Though there are email and secondary security question options now you can easily recover your Google account password via text message.

Google has now added a mobile phone SMS option for the password recovery of your Google Accounts and that’s why recovery of lost password is an easy task. If you want to use this feature then you need to get your phone validated by Google. In the previous case to recover password via email, it’s easy to recover your password if you have an active secondary email address, but it is not required in the case of SMS.

How to turn on this feature for your account? As per Official Gmail Blog, To turn this on for your account, just sign in, select ‘Change Password Recovery Options,’ enter your cell phone number and click ‘Save.’

Next time you forget your password, enter your User Name on the Password Assistance page, and Google will text you a recovery code. No need to check another email account or Security Question even let the session expire.