My kid’s nose is running, his throat is scratchy and he can’t stop sneezing. He probably got a cold, right? Maybe not! Wondering if his nagging cold is actually an allergy? Or what about my new skin cream that made my hands break out? Distinguishing an allergy from a non-allergic condition is not always well defined. But knowing the contrast can sometimes help you solve what’s ailing you, which in turn could mean faster relief.

How Are Allergies Diagnosed?

There are several ways allergies can be diagnosed. The symptoms can be analysed. Physical examination can be performed. It can be checked if anything unusual is consumed or any substances you may have come in contact with which can cause allergy.

There are certain tests which can be performed for diagnosis purposes. Blood test can also be performed to check for the presence of allergy causing antibodies/cells.

Allergies due to food items are typically diagnosed through a process of eliminating the possible eatable things to monitor the change in the symptom and then slowly started to consume. Symptoms are documented to make analysis.

What is the treatment for allergy?

The best treatment for allergy is to avoid its reason. But if it happens there are many ways out for the treatment. There are many unavoidable reasons for allergy due to our outdoor environment. At that point medication prescribed by the doctor is possible way for treatment. Successful immunotherapy can avoid allergy symptoms of allergy from recurring.

Although there are some natural treatments and supplements promoted to treat allergies, but at times they can be risky to perform without doctor’s consultation as they can cause some other problem.

As allergies are common and generally they don’t have life threatening consequences. Nearly all allergies are controllable with prevention, medicine, and better lifestyle. Guidance from doctor or allergist can reduce any major complications and make life more beautiful and enjoyable.

Reasons of allergies

We know that sensory system interact with environment by receiving input and react accordingly similar is the immune system. Immune system interacts with the foreign bodies like bacteria, parasites etc. with the help of recognition agents called antibodies. Our immune system knows what’s good and what’s bad. It distinguishes and disposes of unwell or damaged internal cells to impede any infection from spreading in the body. It recognizes what is foreign or abnormal with the help of antibodies.

The immune system has particular white blood cells called phagocytes designed to wipe out and put away the rival cells. The antibodies unite to the pathogen releasing a chemical to attract phagocytic cells. It acts like a guard dog cornering a thief howling to indicate his location until someone turns up to catch the thief. Good health is the balance where the immune response is constantly suitable and controlled.

At times immune system starts responding to inappropriate targets in surrounding. When the target is body itself, autoimmune disorder takes place and when it is anything in the environment like pollen, dust etc and it’s called allergy.

So an allergy is the immune system’s response to a foreign body like certain food, pollen etc called allergens which generally are not harmful to body. Body’s immune system’s job is to keep it healthy by fighting against infection or disease. Irritation, sneezing etc are response against the attack depending on the allergen.

Allergies in general are very common. Some allergies are heritable too. There are several common of allergens for instance food (nuts, milk, shellfish, and eggs), plants & trees (pollens, weeds), animal products (pet dander, cockroaches, dust mite waste etc), some drugs (penicillin, sulfa drugs), insect stings( bees, wasps, mosquitoes and many more

One can face many complications due to allergy. Food allergy can cause vomiting, swelling, rashes, fatigue etc. If anyone has a serious reaction after having a food, see the doctor as they will find the exact cause of reaction and give the treatment.

Severe allergies can be life-threatening. They can cause breathing difficulties and loss of consciousness. If anyone experiences such symptoms of allergy, look for medical help instantly. Professional doctors can help or guide to manage allergy symptoms.

At the time of normal or severe allergy attack one should know how to manage it. is one of the best resources to get immediate consultation on allergies and other ailments any time anywhere.