Google real-time search updates as stuff is happening around the Web, news articles , live tweets, and Web pages now stream in on the actual result pages for your query. Google has already announced that they’ve inked partnerships with both Facebook and MySpace and Twitter to pull in data in real-time.

I hope you might know that Bing already integrates real-time Twitter and Facebook results. Now many of you might have noticed Google’s results page which now includes a scrolling box of links that update constantly even as you scan through the other results. Clicking through takes one to a page of real-time scrolling updates.

As per Google the real-time search offers not just a stream of data, but an organized stream filtered of spam and other irrelevant information. “Our search results have to mirror the [internet’s] richness, It’s not just about 10 blue links. It’s about the best answers.

The real time search norms the key to keeping the updates relevant is that Google judges “Author Quality,” “Probability of Relevance” and “Query Hotness”.

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