You are planning to download your favourite shows on torrent which are quite large in size and after setting everything you leave your system open for whole night. Even if your data hasn’t been touched but it doesn’t mean that you haven’t been hacked. It might happen that some big blunder has been committed using your Internet Protocol address.

Daily many businesses are suffered, bank accounts poured out, credit cards exhausted because of different hacking attacks every minute on the internet. The impact of such hacking intrusions leads not only to the financial loss but also psychological disturbances. The fact about these attacks is they can be turned aside if certain preventative measures were put in place. There is no magic involved in hacking. It is all about our carelessness and compromising security issues By which they get access to our personal data or credit card. This usually happens when your IP address is left unprotected, and at the mercy of hackers.

If you want to stay anonymous on the internet then one of the first lessons to learn is how to hide your IP address. Your IP is a set of numbers usually assigned to every net user. This data is assigned according to your location and can be used to trace the city and state where you live. Basically, information like this was meant for legitimate purposes however, it is now being abused by hackers.

Personally I am not at all convinced with the concept to surf anonymously. But if we look at the latest hacking events, you’ll find hackers are using your IPs to commit any mischievous activity. With this one lesson to learn is to make sure you hide your IP address from the web site you are visiting. One major benefit of an IP hiding software is that it protects your business from being crippled by hackers.

You might be already using some anti-virus and private firewall programs on your systems to secure your data. Installing programs like these are great idea; but they are not as effective and reliable as using a proxy server, and an IP hiding software.

Yes it is fairly easily achieved and the simplest way is to sue an anonymous proxy, this server acts as a go between and fetches the web pages from the web server you are browsing. This means that only the proxy servers’ address appears in the web server logs and not your IP address.

I wish you a very happy and safe browsing.