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We all know that production is a process of combining various material inputs and immaterial inputs which can be referred to the time devoted to understand know-how or planning part itself such that some output can be made out of it. The methods of combining the inputs of production in the process of making output, is technology. What technology do you practice in order to become more efficient & productive?

Since productivity is a measure of output from a production process, per unit of input. We all are familiar with the term ‘To Do List’ – a list of things or tasks that we feel need to be accomplished during the day or even during our life time. But have we ever thought of creating a ‘Not To Do List’ –a list of things that we should not waste our energy and time pursuing?

This does not have to be a physical list on a piece of paper, but more of a mental note that would help us focusing on what is truly important in our lives.

Our lives are filled to the brim with various thoughts, duties, responsibilities and other assorted activities. In today’s world, we all are faced with technology overload where we are bombarded by excessive emails, phone calls, text messages, Facebook and chat messages- all of which end up creating a loss of focus and extreme stress in our day to day living.

Most of us go through the day in a multitasking frenzy, deluding ourselves into believing that juggling several tasks will lead us to accomplish more then we usually would. We confuse activity with productivity. We fill every nook and corner of our time with activities that we have convinced ourselves we can’t do without, leaving no space or time for us to breathe. Little do we realize, until it is too late, that we have wasted our time in fruitless pursuits, giving importance to almost everything, except our career.

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  1. Hey Rohit, your site looks as good as Daily Blog Tips, you have been writing a lot of posts here, you must be a really patient person that never gives up!

    Well for productivity, a not to do list is as important as a to do list, but that’s something new and creative ahah!

  2. Thank you Harrison! Though I have been into blogging from last four years but it seems that there is lot to learn from young bloggers like you.. 😉