Finally I found time to sit down and write my blog post which I have been planning for last two weeks. But wait, what’s that! I need to clean my desk first. Little dusting, sharpening my pencils is required.

I also need to clean my cupboard. My laundry needs folding too. I can see the pile of other tasks that needs to be organized, a task I’ve been putting off for months.


But whenever I have to settle down to write an article then I do almost everything else. I set aside my article to take care of other “URGENT” matters. Am I stuck in the world of Procrastination?

General Opinion

I tend to be an organized person. I try to deposit my bills on time, do proactively necessary reservations, and return library books on time.

In the end I run short of time and feel little distracted & annoyed. Looking at this I try to turn sympathetic towards myself – this seems to be a everybody’s problem. To make myself comfortable I go ahead to compare myself with my peers.

A Question you may ask yourself

If comparison has to be done – why not with the productivity giants who inspire me. Though no one likes to be compared but applying little relativity might turn fruitful here.

Underlying Truth of Procrastination

It’s quite simple to label the procrastinates as disorganized, lazy or having a no sense of responsibility for the assigned task. Before we jump to conclusions and brand an entire strain of humanity, it is vital to take a closer look.

Why important tasks suffer Procrastination?

The reasons we procrastinate are many. We may lack confidence in our skill set to get the job done. Often, we are pulled into saying yes to new work, even when we have not completed the previous jobs.

Perfectionism is mother of procrastination- Michael Hyatt

Reason #1 A tendency of planning fallacy which pushes you to underestimate how long you will need to complete a task. It happens even when you have experience of similar tasks over-running.

Reason #2 If you are not very sure about a task, your best tool is procrastination. The uncertainty of task doesn’t  mean at all that it won’t happen. Ultimately it happens and leaves you clueless.

Reason #3 You are able to relate with every task of our life by a very personal hidden agenda. The task may be in sync with your passion or you are simply meeting the expectations of others by executing it. In latter case the chances of you to procraste are higher.

How to get rid of procrastination

Method #1 Try to find out reasons of your procrastination. What actions you take and how you feel are your personal choices. But do you exercise your power of choice all the time? You need to check which factors influence your decisions and pushes you either in one direction or the other?

It is extremely important to realize that, in any situation, you have the power to choose whether your response in that situation will be passive, pro-active, indifferent or attentive.

Method#2 Always keep some safe time for tasks which are not urgent but important like cleaning your drawer, arranging your papers or books. In this way these less urgent works will not take your attention while you start indulging in the main jobs.

Method#3 Learn to deprioritize. You make a to do list and keep on prioritizing one or other task. Executing all of them is a rare chance. You need to recognize the task whose level of priority can be reduced. This will provide you room to complete the urgent work first.

Method #4 Detach yourself for a while. While trying to read something go offline. Keep away from your phone or replying at social media.

The task you have prioritized needs your complete attention. Work in a secluded place. For instance – I am writing this awesome article in a public library away from my kiddos. While sitting here I can’t even think of grabbing a cold-coffee from my refrigerator.

I’ll check you in comments section. Till then stay productive!

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