You might have noticed while you search on Google the right-hand side of the Google results page leaves lot of unused space. To cash this space when there are millions of search hits per day WebMynd presents a Firefox plug in which provides you personalized, configurable search results with sources like Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo, Digg, Linkedin, Delicious, Google Books and some news portals within the Google search page. It equips you with complete control over sources from one place.

The plugin helps you filter the mass of information that is presented to you on a search engine, by grouping the search results by source and gets you to the information you need faster by letting you search multiple sources at once, and without needing to change your usual search engine.

The search tools can be added or removed of your priority by clicking on an icon in the top “More searches” section to add a search tool to your sidebar. Click on the cross to the right of each section title to remove that search tool from your sidebar. You can also drag and drop the tools in your sidebar to change their order by clicking the up-down arrow or dragging the blue bar with each section.

Each section is also accompanied by a scroll bar by which it can be scrolled down through all the results in each section, and on clicking on the title of the section another tab will open showing you all the available results.

Utility also makes it easy to post your query to Twitter to ask your friends for help with your search by clicking the “Ask Twitter” link and enter your question. If you choose to hide this section it will appear greyed-out at the bottom of your new sidebar till you activate it.
The archiving feature of WebMynd allows users to search through a complete history of the pages visited, including the full text of each recently visited page You can also choose to turn the feature off by un-checking it in the Tools option. But when I tried search it I got this message may be initial hiccups…

You can download it here