In this fast evolving world where a new blog is created with every half a second, sometimes I really think I am not a blogger (a born blogger), but nobody is. To think about blogging ideas is swift but to pen down for the posts is not easy always.

Last year I was the one who broke my resolution to blog daily because may be i was not capable of. Do I really need to blog volumes? No not at all after all this is my personal matter my blog about topics of personal interests which are not associated with work. Fact remains that writing a blog post is far easier then writing an article. I got very some interesting facts immediately after thinking off closing my some blogs down.

These blogs not only keeps you stay connected with friends and family members spread in different parts of the world. The most amazing thing is that you can have your say on the anything you like or dislike publically. The archives are going to stay here for life time and can be shared with your great grand children, if evolution leads our race till the point. You can also monetize your blogs which I am not in favour as yet.

Any ways as per a quote from Mark Frauenfelder, You’ll find an audience if you write what you’re passionate about.

That goes on to prove how popular blogging is on the Internet. It is a wonderful media in my age to share your thoughts and opinions with the world