Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

Whatever you now do, whatever you now believe, whatever your current circumstances may be, you are perfectly equipped and fully capable of being who you want and having what you want.- Chris Prentiss, Be Who You Wnat Have What You Want

How to improve ones life condition by practice of good

All of us are familiar to fundamental law of cause & effect, every single event in this universe has some impact. Due to our limitations of human capacity we can only comprehend the limited sphere of events.


However there is a cascading series of events in our roller coaster ride of life. In between all the events there is stimulus & response, in the midst there lies is a space where lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.

When we choose to stay happy, it happens right at this very moment – here, now, just as we are.

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Displaying Creativity While Quitting From Job – Is this the best way?

As per a study done on Organizational Characteristics and Individual Motivation the, results show that creativity needs are satisfied when the organizational domain is inclusive and fair.

Furthermore when individual specific competences are paired by a mix of autonomous, independent action, and deliberation with others. But still if does not goes well, Is this the best way for creative people to quit their job?

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An Invite to Judge the School Children Event by WWF India

My pleasure that I have been invited to judge an event where children from twenty schools from my town will be participating will be contesting for various competitions.

Judge Invite Rohit

The event is being organized by WWF India in collaboration with Himurja on the on Rajeev Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas-2014. There will be various competitional events like declamation, slogan writing, drawing & painting.