Be it offline or online the blog promotion has remained quite strategic. You shouldn’t and can’t force anyone to visit your blog on the same time you can’t afford to leave any chance to send a visitor to your blog. Including your blogs’ URL innovatively in your business card can help you doing so.

The business community exchange hundreds of business cards every month and most of them relax safely in their card holders, the best part is that these are universally found. Some innovative cards makes people helps to reinforce the interaction in their head. On the same time It conveys the impression that you are a pro.

Apart from blog-expos, blog-camps and conferences local bloggers also organize lots of meet ups and it becomes quite cumbersome to recapitulate every ones URLs and social media handles. Some people avoid to give thir phone number or email IDs on there simply because they want everybody to visit the blog!

You need not spend a lot on your card, a simple business card with your slight details gives you something to hand to those you meet. This week I received my pack of business cards which I got reprinted from my printer.

In case your single card results in fruitful relation at the meet up, the cost of getting them printed could easily be covered up that’s why I got printed thousand of them.