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No more printouts to waste

FillAnyPDF is an online utility with digital vision which lets you fill in PDF forms and share them online. This online utility looks quite impressive and useful. How did you like it? The interface is neat and clean. You don’t have do bother much, you have to simply write anywhere on a PDF. Any PDF may be used regardless of the software used to make the PDF as it does not require “fields” to be added to the form. The entire form becomes fill able when it is imported.

This site is useful in order to get filled purchase order forms or to invite customers to fill out and sign the order forms. In surveys where many people can fill out the form at the same time. Any kind of forms you wish to get filled from your applicants online and use them without taking out the hard copy print outs saving your time, money, and other resources.

As per FillAnyPdf a lot of time and resources wasted by printing paper forms, filling them out, and then scanning them back into the computer. Usually, the paper form is then thrown away. Another version of this is when a form is emailed as an attachment. Then, you have to print it, fill it out, and then fax it or scan it and email it back. Then, you throw away the paper even though you only needed it for a minute. solves these problems by letting forms be filled out and even signed online. So no paper is needed.

The best part is that for this you do not require any kind of software or installation. You can Sign forms just by typing your name. It also provides the traceability necessary for the “digital signature” to be valid. See exactly who filled out which form and when. If you invite people to fill out a form, you can see exactly which form they filled out.

White-out and Redaction tools let you modify old forms to get just the form you need so you don’t have to find the original form. You can customize your message to each person or send a group invitation to fill out forms. When other people fill out your forms, they do not have to print and then scan and email the form back to you. This means you will get more forms returned in less time. Also you get a variety of font sizes and colors.

Currently they are offering four type of accounts Enterprise for $99/mo, Professional $49/mo, Personal $10/mo and Basic remains free.

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