Like always Apple is on its way to launching a new product that will take the tech market by storm. After all the hullabaloo surrounding the iPhone 6 series, people seem to have moved on and are now looking forward to the 7 series. It is obviously expected to have more superior features and bring more life to technology.


Lots of rumors are going around about this invention implying that the bar of expectation has been raised. These rumors speculate that the newest and most spectacular iPhone model will make a debut sometime in September.


The iPhone 7 series is expected to be more portable owing to its wireless features. Some of the parts that will be going wireless include the headphone and charger. This change has been necessitated by the increasing demand for comfort pioneered by the invention of wireless keyboards, mouse among other computer paraphernalia. Wireless charging will increase portability since you will now be able to move around with your phone while it is still charging as opposed to having to be near a power outlet.

It is also anticipated that this series of IPhones will be much slimmer and as such will not have the usual allowance for a jack pin port. The headphones will be connected to the phone through the charging port. Another interesting anticipation is the fact that Apple will include wireless ear buds in the package alongside the lighting cable headphones. This slim phone will be easy to carry around even in pockets hence reducing the rate of phone theft.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be smarter than the previous invention, installed with features such as the ability to read moods. This anticipation was brought about by the knowledge that Apple has bought an artificial intelligence company that develops apps for reading emotions. The latest tech news forecast that this move was taken so that they can incorporate this software in their gadgets, with the first beneficiary rumored to be iPhone 7.

New Plans

There are also plans to make iPhone 7 completely waterproof, and this will increase its lifespan significantly. The iPhone 6 series is partially water resistant, and this has been part of the reason the Company’s sales sky-rocketed after the release. The water resistance feature is currently being tested, and there are high prospects that it will be a success. It means that you will be able to take those underwater selfies and in case, your toddler decides to drown your phone you will just wipe it and continue enjoying its services.

The performance of this iPhone is expected to be exemplary, and this is exhibited by the super high download speeds. The developers have intentions of making it Li-Fi enabled. Li-Fi is an upgrade from the commonly used Wi-Fi and is said to support download speeds of more 100 times that of Wi-Fi. It uses light communication technology to transfer data as opposed to the radio waves used by Wi-Fi. It stirs up excitement to heavy Internet users since slow Internet will not be a bother any more.

New Invention

With the new invention, Apple is planning to make communication more interesting and for this reason, this latest invention is expected to bring along more Emojis. These will be more expressive and make it possible for users to have the fun of communicating without words, just by using the Emojis. Some of the new characters expected include a dancing man, laughing face which is rolling on the floor among others.

Photographic Features

Most phone users today have been turned into photographers, and this is because of the constant improvement of the camera feature in phones. The iPhone 7 series is not about to disappoint in this either. It comes with a dual rear camera which will enable the user to take two videos simultaneously or take a video and still photos at the same time. The images are at very high resolutions and do not require pixels cropping when zooming in, meaning zoomed images will maintain their clarity. There are also prospects of having more than the 12 megapixels that come with the iPhone 6 series.

In the recent past, researchers have come out with allegations that the blue light on phone screens is responsible for the rising cases of insomnia. For this reason, iPhone 7 is being developed with a night shift mode which will change the screen color to more friendly hues at dawn. It is expected to use time zones to differentiate day and night and adjust accordingly. It means you can read from your phone and have a good night sleep immediately.

That’s Not All

Another very important feature of this iPhone is an intention to have a full screen and do away with the home button, as a move to improve on the physical appearance. Then there is the 3D touch screen feature which makes the screen sensitive to pressure and uses this to determine which command to execute. This feature which was first experienced with iPhone 6 is likely to be maintained at the same standard for the 7 series. It is because it is still a new invention that is yet to be fully embraced and users need more time to be acquainted with it before any more developments are made.

So to conclude, you will not go wrong if you get your hands on once such device

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