Though I loved blogging but always struggled to sustain it. One of the myths which I have always been into is that “Your passion has to be an occupation”, later on I realized that the fact is “Your passion is much more than an occupation”. Though I am driven by my instincts but in order to write exceptionally well, I try to steer ahead to build my blog by keeping a light touch on the controls, little humour and thinking with a strong sense of visionary.

I visualize a beautiful valley with a lake, forested foothills and high mountains rising up into the clouds. This is the wonderful picturesque landscape of my mind.

My position & form in this landscape depicts the quality of thoughts I am fiddling with.

Am I a fish swimming in the muddy depths of the lake? It asides my negative thoughts.
Am I a frog jumping back and forth from the shore to the lake? It asides my wasteful thoughts.
or am I a bird, wandering into the forest to gather food and build a shelter? It asides my necessary thoughts.
Or the sun, which sustains & nourishes all life on earth, it brings in the positive thoughts which are required most.

The sun is a suitable image for positive thinking. The visualization described below uses a sunlit landscape as a comparison for the four levels of thoughts we create it magically increases my percentage of positive thoughts everyday which keeps my blog radiating.

Initially while blogging I found as if I was joyfully talking to myself later on I was distracted by my readers and I kept on waiting for their responses which were not constant. Though visitors were there but mostly silent, it brought down my enthusiasm, now I went back to my previous tactics. I try to write posts by utilizing storytelling technique into the topics which I madly love with, I don’t just summarize rather develop a completely new point of view by amalgamating all I know. Offer something to my readers which they’ve not expected out of me. It really requires courage to continue.