My Baggage

My Baggage

The time patch in the evolution where I witness myself is undoubtedly a very-very special and awesome period, it is simply perfect for me.  This doesn’t mean I posses everything I wish for, in fact I am deprived of many things. In this amalgamated time of adversity & opportunity  I am excited enough to know about ‘to-be’ me, And in this course of action I am grateful to the tools which surround me, though very simple, very special for me.

My Baggage is a blog series (rather its simply a list) of my most favorite belongings, which are of great help to me. It contains my non-living gears to excel & cherish! Here on this blog I compile this list as an experiment which aids my productivity. This activity talks about how I went out to find my way to attain expertise and professionalism with the help of these budget tools.

“People are more difficult to work with than machines. And when you break a person, he can’t be fixed.” ― Rick Riordan

  1. Weighing Machine
  2. Jump Rope
  3. Study Lamp
  4. Desktop Computer System
  5. FM Player
  6. All in one printer
  7. Emergency LED
  8. Wifi Modem
  9. Digicam
  10. Digital Photo Frame
  11. Roadrunner
  12. iPod Shuffle
  13. Laptop
  14. Lamp Shade
  15. Another Roadrunner
  16. Mobile Phone
  17. Wireless USB Adapter
  18. Wireless Keyboard Mouse
  19. LED TV
  20. A Free Gift
  21. Clock
  22. Halogen Heater
  23. Vacuum Cleaner
  24. DSLR
  25. Tripod Stand for Camera
  26. HDMI Cable
  27. Power Backup your Home Office
  28. Children Laptop
  29. Hot Water Bottle
  30. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
  31. Few more to come…

None of my tools have been acquired by me with any earnings from my blog:

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