I trust very first salary of your life is very very special for you It doesn’t matter how much the amount actually is! It gives a sensation that you are now full fledged. You are no longer a child who depend on your father for his needs. It gives you a confidence and a sense of responsibility that it is up to you to take care of your family. In my case it was an awesome experience as I felt a mix emotion of relief and proud. Yes, It took broke many barrigades of my life.

How did you felt after receiving your first salary?

This question crossed my head when yesterday my wife received her first salary cheque. Though she had been receiving some honorariums for teaching students and from few agencies for conducting programs for radio and television for so many years now. But this is her first regular official salary of her dream job. Though it seems to be an ordinary another cheque but when I look back and see my first salary few years back, it changes my thought . After doing my graduation I immediately jumped into the business of teaching and managed to teach good number of students such I can take care of all my needs. Not only this I pursued my further studies with my own earnings.

After receiving my first salary the struggles of the world seemed quite easy to me.  Prior to this when I was not earning anything and my parents were trying hard to run the show, I was carrying some sort of pressure on my head as if I was not sure of myself but my first salry changed my outlook and I was introduced to a confident person with in me.

Do you have a first salary story to share?