In almost every field, people use visualization to help them reach their goals. Top athletes, for instance, might imagine going through a particular set of moves again and again. Public speakers may picture themselves walking onto the stage, delivering a great speech, and receiving the applause of a thrilled audience.

Some writers like to daydream about their finished book on the shelves … and while there’s nothing wrong with that, visualisation tends to be more effective when you see yourself doing the actual writing.

Whenever I sit for writing I always remember some more urgent tasks to do. Don’t be afraid to visualise problems. Imagine getting stuck, feeling tempted to check emails. Then imagine yourself saying “no” to that impulse, and sticking with the task at hand.

When you want to feel more motivated to write

Sit with your eyes closed and imagine yourself writing. Hear the scribble of your pen or clicks of the keyboard, see the words appearing in front of your eyes. Isn’t it amazing…