I mostly see people are busy with Micro blogging. Be it Twitter, Facebook or Google+. If I keep serious bloggers aside rest of the internet savvy crowd is now maintaining micro blogs, and thus sharing more.

Is Micro Blogging challenging Macro Blogging really?

Seth Godin once shared on his blog – For every person on the news or on primetime, there were a million viewers. The explosion of magazines brought the ratio to 100,000:1. If you wrote for a major magazine, you were going to impact a lot of people. Most of us were consumers, not creators. Cable TV and zines made it 10,000 to one. And now of course, when it’s easy to have a blog, or an Youtube account or to push your ideas to the world through social media, the ratio might be 100:1. For every person who actively tweets, there are a hundred people who mostly consume those tweets. For every hundred visitors to Squidoo, there is one new person building pages. What does the world look like when we get to the next zero?

I advocate selling shoes where no one wears, brings in tremendous opportunity for shoe sellers. When it comes to professional blogging, though, the social networks are in fact a vital method of drawing people to blogs, not away from them, and building loyalty.  In contrast to micro blogger the macro blogger work hard to craft excellent content, polishing each article to the highest level of perfection of which they are capable. A 500 to 600 word article should take more than three hours to get completed. Publishing less quantity of posts, but of higher quality, is far better than frequently posting poor quality content.

Blogging platforms and the exact style of blogging may change but your niche and cause of blogging itself still seems to be energetic and fit. The depth of information is the quantity of content on your blog. Before you submit articles to other blogs, leave comments on forums, and network on the social-media websites, you need strong content on your own blog to which to link. The most successful blogs offer large amounts of valuable information to their readers. Try to create high-quality content that will attract visitors and allow you to leave value-adding comments on other sites and relevant back links to your blog.

 I see micro blogging websites and also rest of blogosphere itself as huge potential social media tool. The Internet presence you generate through social-media work will have a beneficial effect on your blog. You should leave a consistent high-quality content, informative comments, and value-adding links.

There may be a decline in certain blog sectors, but there’s sure to be another subject area surging ahead with inspiring, passionate blogs. Facebook may well be the current big thing for the casual Internet user to share his or her thoughts with a close-knit community, but blogging is so much bigger than that and is only growing. So micro blogging sites are not simply eating up the macro blogging but in a way also helping it by showcasing it in multiple social network stations.