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Merry Christmas Google Chrome

Like me if you are not very sure what presents to get for the holidays? How about giving away a free browser? Google has come up with its latest marketing campaign for its Chrome browser. It’s actually a nice way of marketing the Chrome Browser all wrapped up in virtual wrapping paper, as a Christmas Gift.

Along with the wrapped Google Chrome logo, Google also sends an e-card with your photo or video and a message. When the person gets the message, they get to unwrap their “present” and are then asked to download Google Chrome.

The idea is, you as the gift giver can prepare an interactive online greeting card introducing Google Chrome to a friend. The link goes to your friend’s email which if he clicked will lead him to a site where he will be introduced to Google Chrome. You can customize the Christmas greeting by putting your information on this e-card as well as type in a personalized message.

It definitely a great way for introducing someone new to the Google Chrome browser. The Chrome beta is now available on Macs and it is now offers a growing array of extensions. You may send your Christmas Gift to your techno friends by this link.

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