Memory is what all we remember. Memory is ability of the brain to take input, retain and recall when needed any information and past experiences. It is the mental documentation that we maintain and accessed instantly for use any time. It is one of the most important factors to live a healthy and happy life.
Encoding stage – information is sent to the brain
Storage phase – brain maintains encoded data over unlimited time period.
Retrieval Stage – we fetch old information out of permanent memory back into working memory, which can be mentally manipulated for usage.

Memory Loss

Memory loss is the disorganization in your mind. Memory loss isn’t due to your age or your gender. It’s due to ‘interference. At times when walk into the kitchen with some purpose and then stand near the door thinking why I am going to the kitchen?
Our mind works as a series of networks where different areas communicate with each other. When we try to remember anything, mind establishes a new network. Memory flaw happens when there’s a break in that network which is caused by the interference or hindrance caused by various reasons which hampers the ability of person to focus.
There are many who can manage that interference but some find it difficult. The ones who can manage this interference are good at remembering the birthdays etc of friends and so many others things which others are not able to.

Why Do I Forget Things?

Good memory is related to a many factors: nutrition, sleep, Anxiety etc. During stress or anxiety body releases a hormone – Cortisol which prevents the formation of memories and leads to memory loss. The people who tend to have anxiety or stress are prone to have the problem of forgetfulness.
Anxiety leads to distraction and lose focus. It disturbs the state of mind which leads to its inability to recall memories. Fatigue and stress are also harmful for good memory as they also don’t allow the mind to focus.
Your brain gets a lot of information the whole day. Now how it comes to know what to remember and what not to remember. It is determined by the degree of attention paid to each information. If you provide more attention to any information then your brain will treat it as useful information and accordingly for less attention. Learning or remembering of anything is directly proportional to the degree of attention paid.

How To Deal With Memory Loss?


Learn how to focus full concentration on the task at hand. When you are on the way to any task, put your full energy and concentration to that task. By putting conscious practice you can always enhance your focus and hence good memory. The rule to focus is : “Wherever you are, be there”. Only focused and disciplined lives can grow great.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking may lead to memory failure. Toggling back and forth between tasks either by choice or by disturbance hampers your focus or concentration. Though this is true that at times it’s important to perform multitasking but it’ll be better to complete one task before you start another as it can hamper the quality of work. This will also avoid mistakes. Avoid Multitasking as this leads to distraction and fatigue. Concentrate on one task at a time.

Note It Down

Use journal on your tablet or on your phone/computer to create your to-do list on daily bases. There are many planning apps available on mobiles and computers for scheduling work on daily or long term bases.
Take a macro picture in mind of the mental picture. You will never forget the place where you kept anything if you identifying details of the surroundings i.e. color, size, shape etc. You can loudly tell yourself where you have kept a particular thing. When somebody tells you something important repeat what that person tells you back to that person. This will really help to remember the matter for longer period.

Set an Alarm or Reminder

Alarm clocks on your phone is not only for use to get up from sleep but it can be used as a reminder as well. If you have to call somebody or go somewhere or any other thing you want to remind yourself at a particular time, set an alarm. It is a best way to trot your memory. You can also use the reminder utility of your phone also for the same purpose.

Lay It On Your Calendar

Very few people utilizes calendars. Set the appointments with your preset tasks. This will not only help to remember the task but will help you to it with better quality and on time.
Make your To-do List – What do you put on your to-do list? Many people only write down the big things. Ironically, the big things are usually pretty easy to remember. It is the small ones that you need to write down. Put it on your list… that is what it is for.

Get It Done Now

Say bye to procrastination. Do it now is the mantra to resolve memory loss problem and you don’t have to face the trouble to remember it later. At least take the initiative to start doing the task now. You’ll see that there are fewer chances that you forget to complete that. But if you won’t start the chances to forget the task are high. So hold this mantra to erase memory problem … Just Do It Now.

Seek Your Buddies To Remind You

You can always seek help from your buddies at home, workplace or any friend to remind you certain things when need. Your parents or kids are best in this role.

Use Technology To Automate Some Tasks

One can go for automate bill payments to deal with the problem of being forgetful. Other than payment of bills there can be many other tasks also which you can automate.

Take Some Extra Time To Say Yes To Any Task

Before you say yes to perform or do something take some extra time to discuss. You should not agree to do something which you don’t want to do or you have no time to do that task as mind have the tendency to forget those things which we actually don’t like. It will remember those things for very long time which we really like.

More Simple Tricks To Enhance The Strength Of Your Mind

Our brain is another muscle which can be trained to become stronger by various means like brain games & training. It is very important to work out with your mind on daily as you do exercise for your physical fitness every day.

  • Try to memorize certain new things every day – new words, spellings, quotes, ideas etc for constant workout of memory.
  • Use your non dominant hand to do some daily tasks – eat something, unlocking door of your home or car etc.
  • Sing any song in reverse order, spell any name in reverse order.
  • Learning of phone number instead dialing from the phone directly, recalling important dates etc.
  • There are many computer games which help to exercise the brain. These games help to sharpen the mind.
    All human beings face this issue up to different levels. We believe that with conscious and constant training and proper nutrition , everyone can achieve and relish a better memory.